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Choosing how we Live Today

This means taking the Initiative to decide what goes into each day rather than coasting along putting up with everything that comes your way. Some people put more into a day than others, by can choose what goes into a day that makes for more quality in a day and how you live it. If practiced every day, this will make for a better quality of life for you and your love ones too because they will benefit as well. (taken from the Reigning in Life page). A practical application.


1. Some people put more effort into life than others and this often determines our out-come in life.....a week or a year. Those with certain personality types or upbringing have more motivation and choices can come more natural to them.... the rest of us need to reach a place of awareness and put a considerable amount of effort into it. Mind-sets need to be renewed and habits need to change in order for us to live a better quality life too. We can achieve this because we have "Christ in us the Hope of Glory" and "We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us"__ He can impart strength for this task in such a way that turns out for His Glory because "God Moves in our moving" better than when we are stationary.

2. Be careful what you carry to the next day_ reserve the "role-over" effect for Good things rather than those things that would deficit the good things in the following day. Each day has the potential for good and "not so good" and we can reserve the right to monitor what attitudes and feelings we give way to and allow to influence our day. If practiced every day, you can have a good life and a certain sense of Freedom just by adopting this principle alone. I've proven it.

I know that there is some good preaching on Reigning in Life. For me, I find the Practical important too. Sometimes we need to step beyond theories, no matter how scriptural they are in preaching and make them truly spiritual. Often, it's the 'little principles' in scripture - seemingly irrelevant - that make all the difference. The power of choice and purpose in our day makes for a satisfying day AND reigning in life. Such things are woven through the fabric of OT and NT scriptures.

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