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Christian Life - What it Is and Is Not

Life with Jesus is not always the rosy life we are sometimes told about when we find Him. Most churches present what I call a Santa Christ ie Come to Jesus and your life will be great OR wonderful......and a few months into the Christian life

- after the Love, Joy and Peace you experience when you first know Him - you do

not find what they told you to expect is so.

That is because they failed to be true to Jesus' Words. He does "call us out of darkness (this world) into His Light".........."we are new creations (in Him through new birth) old things are passed away, all things have become new"


Then for most of us, there are circumstances to work out, like when newly weds go into a house after the honeymoon: a garden needs renovating, the rooms need new furniture and furnishings (this is your life and surroundings you have invited Jesus into) He wants to do this work with you, to make your life more comfortable than it was before you found Him (often). He is willing but it requires our participation.

He has provided Keys in His Word to help us work at this. He has not left us without guidance. Jesus did say "I came that you may have life abundantly (a fuller life)" It is important that you realize He promises us a good life.......however, He does not say it will be an easy life. We are in this world and not of it anymore (we are His)

but we still live in it.

The lordship of Christ is something that is left out of the message of Salvation these days - they present to you a Social Gospel, everything to please your ears - but Jesus never offered that and neither did His followers. They knew better and it can be a sure way to disillusion. Many have left Him bewildered - so many things do not make sense if you have been presented with that. Here's why:

Jesus Call is "Follow Me" and we have started out on a journey with a Lord and Savior who wants to teach us how to walk in this life, how to handle situations, how to fashion our life into a better one (that is not instant but rewarding) . Most of all He calls us into "fellowship with Him". Like a marriage, He wants to relate closely with you. And like a marriage, it is a commitment for the times that are good and those that are not. He wants to make our spirit strong in the circumstances of life as well as changing them.

This is where pieces are left out with Social Gospel. It can be disheartening for many and lead to disillusionment. Many actually leave Jesus because things are not like they were rashly promised - so confusing.

Many stay with Jesus and contend with things in life, not knowing we can have the victory over them. Jesus did promise that. Jesus said "he/she who follows Me shall not walk in darkness but in the Light" however many of us don't know how to actually follow Him and are given a 'church model' for that by pastors but Jesus invites us to something much more intimate.

There are also challenges, and this is where He wants to give personal guidance and training, rather than go to the pastor (counseling and alter calls repeatedly) saying "can you help me?"

For a time, that may have a place when we are young in The Lord and finding our way. Teens and 20's especially, need a little support sometimes. When we've found our way, He expects us to grow up (spiritually) and this is where many persist with "the pastor, the pastor" or spit the dummy.

But every parent likes their children to teach them things and venture with them.

And so it is with JESUS. It can be interesting but we need to get our feet WET.

This article is not meant to cover everything but those things that are needful for new Christians and all of us in this day we are living in. In the 70's Jesus promised me some Good things and He also said "It would not be an easy way. Know this, that I have told you beforehand". I think that Jesus has told us all these things in scripture......hey?

We don't need a Santa Christ - we do need to walk close to the Real Jesus.


He said "I have not said that you would have peace in the world but that IN ME you will find Peace".......that's His Presence......spend time with Him and let Him nourish your spirit. "In His Presence there IS fullness of JOY!"

What Is a Christian Life About, When Things don't Make Sense

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