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Handling Offenses

This is a necessary topic to address for many of us in this day and age. Times are stressful_ not everyone thinks before they speak or act. And sometimes inappropriate behavior from a Christian/Christians can really be upsetting because they are the ones that you expect kindness, encouragement and acceptance from. Scripture says to be kind and loving to each other, to encourage each other often and to receive each other as Christ receives us. Yet the unrefined manner of some Christians often leaves us unsettled and sometimes perplexed.

Should'nt those of us who have heard the scriptures many times be reflecting some of them in our behavior? In fact, some Christians display what I call 'hit and run' behavior_ they say or do something outright offensive, then fail to apologize.....they can even make it difficult for you to contact them for your peace of mind.....and you can guess_ they will even be found breaking bread in a service that Sunday. Even week after week, without any repentance or accountability. Believe me when I say that even some pastors are guilty of this.

I would rather make Jesus my Covering anytime than a fallible man who is subject to the gravity of sin. My brother and sister in Christ, He is our One true example of a godly nature in every mention recorded of Him in Scripture; He is the One who never offends; He is the One who will always lift you up and show you such acceptance – you feel good every time you're in His presence.

Should we not take after His example and love each other like He loves us.....or at least remember that person is precious to Him that we perhaps thoughtlessly offended? Yes, we should really take more care how we treat one another because many are hurting AND The Lord is watching. Do we think that He won't take notice OR that we can simply say “I am sorry about that” to Him and go on with our day or week, not having made any attempt to make things right with that person?

No, we're very much mistaken if we take such things for granted. Rest assure that The Lord will call us to account – in fact our prayers will be hindered, this does not only apply to husband and wife for we have a godly bond in Christ. So we must all remember that God's River flows through the Law of Love. I decided to write this article when I became aware that a dear Christian friend has yet again encountered another offense this week.

My best weapon for this in the last year has been to pray for God to bless the offenders. I did not understand the sense of that once.....but practiced as an act of will, it sure keeps you free! As the saying goes “do not allow them to live in you rent free.” That's taking up space that the Blessing of God could be filling. You will be the bigger person for not letting them get the better of you.

I once asked God how He deals with offenses because He has had the most. His instant reply was “He cancelled our misdeeds and considered them no more” - I did not realize He says this in His Word – that's hard for some of us but it is effective. I shared it a few months later with a girl who had a very big problem and she felt gloriously free the next day after applying it overnight.

Another way I deal with such things is to think of something good about the person. We can always magnify God above the situation too. And believe me, I have put these into practice through the years. Don't wait to feel “nice” about them to know you have forgiven (that may not always be so for everyone) but just be willing to let go of the offense_ this makes Jesus happy, it's not always possible to forget. Maybe you would like to share what helps you?

To keep my Blog inviting and pleasant, I ask that you refrain from responses that make for heavy reading and make your comments general or helpful in some way. It's best not to air our laundry in Blogs, but many websites permit it. This is not one of those. I appreciate how some of you feel and I would like to direct you to the Wellspring of Life page of this website and also the Quality Friendships page of my Janet and Jesus website that has Poems on other pages to comfort you. I wish you well.


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