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Keeping the Joy in our Christian Walk

We are not living in the best environment with the world around us and stressful situations. Then there is our inner-environment to consider.

How are you faring? Are you feeling steady or fretful for some reason?

How often do you sense the Presence of God, that brings Joy, Love and Peace?

Sometimes when we pray and we don’t sense The Lord’s presence, it is because of negativity – He is not located there, He is Light. So when you are praying, turn your face to the sun instead of the shadows. We do this with thoughts of cheerfulness, meditating on His Goodness and Loving Kindness. Yes, He is a Benevolent God, and sometimes negative things in life can affect our image of His Nature. It is helpful to think of good things He has done for us, and scriptures that speak of Him that way.

Sometimes when we are not sensing Him in our day or our lives, it can be for the same reason – negative thoughts are in our mind, and He does not dwell there, He dwells in Light. So let your thoughts be drawn to the light and you will find Him there – His presence will be with you as you focus on things pertaining to His Goodness; His Joy in Creation; His Benevolence; His Loving Kindness. Try not to limit this to times of prayer but through the day and evening as well. This is cultivating His Presence. And when this becomes your lifestyle, His blessings start to flow. Yes, don’t let the negative thoughts fill your mind – that is to give them permission. Over time, it can affect the way you think about Him.

In our walk on this earth, it is important to remember there is a difference between Conviction and Condemnation. One is positive, the other is negative. One is God given, the other is imposed by the enemy. So one is real and beneficial and the other is false and it is destructive. Conviction means ‘awareness that comes to you’ it actually brings release. If you have conviction from the Spirit of God, it will cause you to live at a deeper level of holiness. If you have condemnation, you will be frustrated and hide from Him or yearn for His presence…… you may even think that following God is too hard (under the weight of it). It is designed to affect us like that. But true conviction from the Holy Spirit lifts when awareness is brought to you. Condemnation sticks and won’t give you Peace. It also brings confusion and distorts your image of His True Nature and intentions. Conviction will cause you to ‘rise to the occasion’ (depending on how well you respond to Him).

Condemnation gets us no-where! Your heavenly Father does not want that – it’s counter-productive to His purposes for your life. So conviction is spiritually, mentally and emotionally productive – condemnation is not. Over time, it can actually drive you from the Presence of God, saying “it’s too hard” and Jesus said “all you who labor and are heavy laden, come to Me and I will give you Rest". Condemnation also comes with a religious mindset and it will cause you to labor your walk in God. That’s why Jesus went on to say “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” like a small bundle of clothing on an oxen’s back compared to a heavy sack. So remember that Conviction always has Hope but condemnation takes it away from you. He is the God of Hope who is interested in bringing out the best in us – ALWAYS – He desires the Best.

The Hope of the righteous brings Gladness of heart and soul (Proverbs 10:28) and the way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, which shines ever brighter until the full light of day (Proverbs 4:18) This is The Lord’s Will and Desire for us. “For the JOY that was set before Him – seeing us the other side – He endured the Cross”……..and He is a Joy Maker, not a Joy Breaker. Rejoice in The Lord always, again I say REJOICE – this is Our Victory!!!

So whatever is lovely, true, of a good report and praiseworthy – think of these things and the God of Peace will be with you. Rejoice always and the God of Gladness shall be with you – you can put on Joy, Love and Peace by choice. Yes, you can switch on your happy mode just like faith. This is a simple Act of Will – and watch the difference. I do this quite often. Start today and He will bless.




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