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Looking Outside Our Square

You have heard the saying “Thinking outside the Square?”

So much is Introspective in Christianity these days –

in sermons, songs and books! Even Televangelists often

encourage you to be self-centered. It was not meant to be that way.

We are called to be the opposite actually – Free from

hang-ups, bondage and self.

We tend to look inward a lot in our Christian lives often.

The following website helps us to think outside

our little square in a positive way.

Many Christians are lacking in JOY because they don’t think

outside of themselves. Most sermons are centered on us

in some way, so they are partly responsible for that.

The emphasis has been wrong. We are encouraged to

keep attending “services” stand up, sit down and all the rest

of it – having to be spectators for the most part…..we are not

encouraged to function at all.

Jesus said to Follow Me, Abide in Me and to Reach Out

to others. That is the true essence of His Calling.

If we are not doing these three things, we are missing it.

Most churches are busy taking Tithes and Offerings from us

for the preacher’s pocket, the building fund or upkeep of the building etc

and there is very little left (once we pay our rent etc) to give

to those in need. But that was the True Concept in New Testament Giving.

We need to return to the Pattern – it’s the New Living Way He has Planned, not

a repeat of the Laws of Israel (that’s a separate covenant).

You really must go to


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