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Making a Stand - Old Fashioned Values

There is a concerning amount of change that is going on in the churches

- Evangelical included - and it is not for the better. It's quite alarming if your eyes are open as to what is taking place.

Standards are not the same in many services across the country and abroad at an alarming rate towards what scripture declares would take place in the End-Time. And in this hour we need "eyes to see and ears to hear" what JESUS has to say about these things. We are told not to be ignorant, yet so many Christians are swept along with it unaware and it is sad.

About 10 yrs ago, I felt to leave the church system as we know it today after a pastor lost his temper at me for asking him not to rush the "breaking of bread" and I've never looked back. I experienced a fresh love for Jesus, the vitality in my Christian walk returned to me and so did my power to witness (people's response when I shared about Jesus).

I do however share fellowship with close Christian friends and I'm about to venture into the Home Church scene again. Do see the Page on this website concerning this phenonema - it's where many Christians are now who have "left the churches" after a closer walk with God. You will be glad you did.

A Christian friend I'm catching up with after a few years, mentioned a few concerns she has with big churches today_ that preachers are leaving out repentance for Salvation, vital truths that Jesus sets Free and they even leave the breaking of bread - sharing a little bread and wine in memory of what Jesus did for us - to monthly (it seems not so important anymore).

She went on to say that everything's Grace need for repentance and the fact that Jesus sets Free is seldom mentioned. What type of Gospel is that? These are preachers that once led the way in vital truths and knew what it is to really lead people to Jesus, we had considerable respect for.

Where is the JOY of Sins Forgiven? (of offenses to God). Jesus paid such a High Price to justify us in the eyes of a Holy God. Try as we could in our own strength, we could not pay the price - as it were - we needed a Perfect Savior. He lived a perfect sinless life as a man and gave that right standing to us - when we accept Him as our Lord and Savior. Are we to trample over such Grace (unpremerited Favor of God in Christ) and say we don't need His forgiveness when we do offend?

It's nice to be forgiven by a spouse, a parent or friend when we've done something wrong....they can be pretty close moments of interaction with a desire to change our ways for the better. This is what repentance is all about - a change of heart and mind.


In scripture, we are advised to "stand firm in the liberty where Christ has made you Free and submit not to bondage"...... and...... "sin shall not have dominion over you".....and that the "Blood of Jesus cleanses from sin" between now and Heaven......and the fresh perspective that comes from being forgiven. Yes, is the Blood of Christ going to be old fashioned too?


It pleases the world who are forgetting the need of forgiveness from a spouse, a parent or friend.....who do not value or understand the Blood of Jesus who washes away our sins (offenses).......who do not understand the little supper we have with JESUS (the bread and wine) to commemorate Him and the Priceless Wonderful Grace in which we stand. How can we show them this wonderful way of life if we've lost it's value?

How can we deny them the rich sense of JOY we had when we found Jesus.

JESUS said to do this often.....and.....there is Power when it is more than a religious exercise. In fact, many Christians testify to it's Value to bring Healing when they have this Supper at home on a daily basis - appropriating their healing from the Finished Work of Christ in that time of prayer. It also helps to keep us intimate with HIM.

All this is a Call to Old Fashioned Values!

Say to yourself "as for me, these things will never go out of fashion"

and put a question mark on anyone who preaches any different.


He said "Follow ME....."

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