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New Apostolic Church – Christian Sect

Not to be confused with the Apostolic Church that is

Scriptural and Balanced OR the Apostolic Movement in the Body of Christ.

The New Apostolic Church is a Christian Cult that has been in existence

for many years. It is highly organised and legalistic. An amazing amount of things are expected of you

to obtain Salvation (in addition to believing on Jesus) and to live a Christian Life.

Everyone should read this, because you or someone-else could be glad you did one day.

There are two other good reasons it would be good if you could.

1) It will make you glad that you are Saved by Grace and not to take that Grace in vain.

2) It will help you not to ever depart from “the simplicity of Faith in Christ”.

To anyone who is involved in or considering that church, our Bible distinctly says

“Whosoever calls on the Name of JESUS shall be SAVED”

How dare anyone tell you different – God Says!

Things you should know about this Sect:

It is strongly structured into a set belief-system

(some scriptural and some not scriptural but added or distorted).

Strictly governed by ministers deemed to be apostles.

Baptism can only be performed by an ‘apostle’.

The Lord’s Supper is strictly dispensed by one of them.

Your Salvation experience has to be sealed by ‘an apostle’.

They believe strongly in a ‘bridal congregation’

so you miss out on the Marriage Supper if you are not

a member of that church, beliefs and practices.

They claim that you can intercede for departed family members

imparting Salvation to them, like Mormons claim.

They also believe that after the Marriage Supper, there will be a

peaceful reign of Christ where everyone who has ever been born

will be given an opportunity to accept Christ and redemption.

Does your Bible say that?

They believe very strongly that the nature of their services are ‘divine’

much as to say they are governed by Heaven and must not be questioned.

They have many ‘blessing’ ordinances for every holiday and special

family occasion, so the church doctrines go very deeply into family life.

They have a strong code of beliefs they refer to as Catechism

like the Roman Catholic institution has and their list is

much longer. It also allows for brain-washing like the

WMB Movement has with repetitive tapes and is strongly legalistic.

Nothing is to be questioned!

‘Apostles’ encourage and officiate Sacraments for the living and departed

That is an absolute sacrilege found in Mormonism and forbidden in Scripture!

The ‘apostles’ assume all the roles of 5 Fold Ministries found in Ephesians 4

(that is a distortion indeed) and all the Admin Ministries of Helpers etc

Plus all the Gifts of the Spirit.

Where’s the various Body Ministries of Believers in all this?

Conclusion: You can’t have Salvation without an ‘apostle’ in attendance.

In fact, you have to had experienced the sacraments dispensed by them

in order to be saved and accepted.

You then get to be called ‘Firstlings’ instead of Earthlings, shall we say?

Instead of “Kings and Priests” like Scripture says ALL Believers ARE

because those roles are taken up by “guess who” as well?

‘apostles’ of-course!

Can we conclude that everyone-else are in fact “nothings”

except for keeping all the Rules and Regulations of ‘The Church?’

That Cult (pardon me). For a Christian Cult is any strong belief system

that deviates from what we know to be TRUE in SCRIPTURE!

But if you should err in your standards as a New Apostolic believer

their ‘apostles’ can forgive your sins – EXCUSE ME!

I thought only God can forgive us our (true) sins?

Even Christ was accused of blasphemy for forgiving someone’s sins

before He shed His Precious Blood for us!

Surely, He is the only son of man entitled to do that

because He is the Son of God.

Only our Savior JESUS is recorded in Scripture for saying

“Your sins are forgiven, go and sin no-more”

Not Peter, John or Paul…….certainly not Roman Catholic OR New Apostolic

Ministers. But we can all forgive each-other our offences, aye?

The New Apostolic Church are strict believers in the 10 Commandments

God gave to Israel. Jesus gave us 2 Commandments to observe and practice.

“Love The Lord with all your mind, and strength and will and your neighbour as yourself

(treat them how you would like them to treat you)”

Forgiveness of sins occurs through the absolution, which is proclaimed

in the name of Jesus Christ by authorised ministers.

Following Repentance and remorse, with acknowledgement that you

are ‘sinners’. This takes place as an entire congregation, highly

dependent on this practice on a weekly basis.

Baptism, Sealing of Salvation, Forgiveness of Sins and The Lord’s Supper

are all referred to as Sacraments with a set code of prerequisites to qualify.

All of these must be authorised and performed by an ‘apostle’

and are referred to as ‘Acts of God’.

Given all that is required of you to be Saved and secure your Salvation,

the deep-seated submission factor in services and during the week (indoctrination)

and the way the practices of ‘the church’ including official blessings are

involved in every holiday and special days in your family, this religion has

the potential to be very damaging to one’s mind and emotions and spiritually also.

Especially once you become overwhelmed or disillusioned by it because the

practices of this church make such deep inroads into your heart and soul.

This is characteristic of all Christian Cults – a strongly invasive Belief System

that weaves it’s way into the very fibre of your being.

Only JESUS has the right to be so close to our soul and spirit.

If you have been involved in this teaching, you need HEALING.

Jesus said “If you keep My Words, you shall be Free Indeed


“Come to ME all you who are heavy laden and I will give you REST.

For My yoke is EASY and My burden is LIGHT”

These poor brothers and sisters in Christ, I really feel for them

with such compassion from The Lord. Please don’t get mixed up in this.

A few Christian Cults I have known through family, friends and people I’ve met

and a few I have researched like this one, convinces me that if the enemy can’t tempt

you to live like a sinner and “trample the Cross of Christ” in doing so, he has plenty of

legalistic doctrines out there to enslave and keep in bondage as many as possible.

He hates Truth and he hates Grace………so often we see one without the other.

“GRACE and TRUTH came through JESUS”

Another thing that Christian Cults have in common

is making you or family members mentally ill with the stress of it all.

Jesus came to HEAL us, not to make us unwell.

“I Am Not A God Of Confusion But A God Of Peace”


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