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Only One Jesus - Be Aware of These Things

All Christians are aware of different religions but many are ignorant of certain subtleties out there. We are living in the day of different gospels - different messages and prophets. This IS the day Jesus spoke of where there will be false prophets and anti-christs. The apostle Paul said that Christians can be deceived. You should read this post for yourselves and others. Please make sure you have the facts - this is important!

There are many ways to fall away from The Faith - that is in Christ Jesus.

You should be aware of them. If not for your sake, for someone else.

There are actually Christians falling away to JWs (Jehovahs Witnesses)

a Christian cult called The Message by William Branham......even to

Muslim and Mormon followings.

Yes it's true and I will tell you why. They are looking for more sincerity

in others' dedication to God or love for one-another because they see a lack

of it in Christian circles often - maybe even their family - so they're searching for truth

or sometimes vulnerable and they encounter someone in one of these cults, where

they have a 'better experience' with people.

It is either the love or dedication that attracts or persuades them. If that seems like

an indictment, maybe it is. We should be more careful how we walk with The Lord

and each-other. These are the days of Christendom - where there is luke-warmness

spoken of in Revelations and even "the love of many is going cold" due to the stressful times we are living in. Many are drawn away to a pleasure

seeking world because they have been lacking joy in their experience and answered prayers that come to those who spend quality time in the Presence of The Lord OR they have been introduced to a Santa-Christ and the illusion has broke.

The world is no place of refuge and neither are these cults. Some turn to New-Age

because they want a sense of peace and relaxation after things being tense in the world

and church-life around them (sometimes lots of expectations placed on them and hypocrisy) but to surrender to the likes of New-Age is a slap in the face to The Lord because it either means seeking love, happiness and peace without Him OR making Jesus and God anything you want Him to be - a diversion from who He really is.

To make a mental image of God/Jesus that does not line up with scripture is no

better than making graven images of Him.

There is something in common with JWs and Mormons, Muslims and Branham.

That is__ they all preach and teach a different Jesus:

JWs call Him a Son of God but deny His Deity - that He is God almighty.

There is no Holy Spirit, no trinity. They have reduced the bible and will

tell you that healings and miracles are "of the devil".

Mormons are heavily deluded into thinking Jesus is actually Adam;

that He is a brother with Lucifer - they are in rivalry. They also believe if they are

considered worthy, they will be gods. And that God is a bigamist

with wives on different planets.

Muslims do believe in a Jesus, but he is a totally different Jesus to

Him who we believe and find Him to be. It may come as a surprise to you

that their description of their Christ to come actually depicts the

Anti-Christ spoken of in Revelations.

Branham actually taught of a different Jesus too, that is so involved, it

would take too much space to establish it here. He did not preach Jesus

who was God Almighty from the beginning. And in fact, he blatantly said

"trinity is of the devil". He claimed himself to be God's major prophet to the

end-time church but caused a lot of damage with heresies. Beware!

Muslims and Mormons are not allowed to know if they are going to

Heaven or not - any assurance is strictly denied them - an absolute uncertainty.

Believe it or not, the Branham following is the most subtle of the four because it

was designed specifically to entice believers. I have had dealt with them for 40 yrs.

So I think I should verse you on some things. You should practice awareness for others if not yourself.

JESUS was God Manifest 2000 yrs ago...prophets spoke of Him...there is no major prophet after Him. Branham actually sought to change the Counsel of God...he is not the last antichrist either...but so many are still bound to a Lie. You need to know the Facts!

Muslims and Mormons have strong legalistic demands placed on them.

Branham Followers (Message Believers) have Legalistic Demands too - some of them crippling, at least to their children and family members if not to them personally!

Maybe we would do well to listen closely to the testimonies of those who have come out of delusions.

Three of these groups rely strongly on a man for Eternal Life and cannot see anything outside that square box until the delusion breaks. It can be very frustrating. Each one believes in the Infallibility of a Book they deem as more important than the Bible. The Muslim with the Koran, the Mormon with the Book of Joseph Smith and the Message Believer with The Spoken Word and Tapes called the Voice of God.

There is something in common about the three so-called men of God - they all displayed unbalanced character traits and were guilty of sinful relations or affiliations; they all looked for the truth and found a lie and were even found to lie - this can be established. And in fact, Branham was found to be unteachable when preachers sought

to help him. Are you going to respect someone like that more than the Bible that has stood the Test of Time? Each of these men were actually unstable!

They are referred to as a cult because they have a structure that permits no disagreement; they have teachings you must be "spiritual enough to hear", their teachings cause havoc to the convert's personality and family life and they claim they alone have the truth.

In fact, Branham was an Anti-Christ because he claimed to have opened the Book of the Seven Seals mentioned in Revelations that "only Jesus is considered worthy to open".

Is he the Lyon of Judah?

No, indeed he was a confused man who had affiliations with Christian cults; he delved into Joseph Smiths' writings (Book of Mormon). His family had affiliations with Masonic Lodge and Clairvoyants. It has also been established that he had strong beliefs in astrology, the pyramids and numerology that are strongly condemned in the Bible.

His followers are ignorant of these things - that are known by many Christians who have come out of The Message. They would be offended but still defend him to the hills if they had to or quickly disembark from your company.

Be informed, he preached a lot of verses out of context, yet his followers believe his words have equal authority to scripture. They heavily quote his words and "messages" in blind trust and will divert to his words in place of God's Word when a necessity arises.

But they deem themselves to be Bible Believers - very strongly so. I must say this, that they practice more love for each-other and dedication than many Christians - enough to put most of us to shame. It is important to follow their example and at the same time remember that Buddhists practice love and dedication too.

So that does not "make them right".







I am pleased to inform you that Muslims and Mormons are coming out by the droves into a true revelation and commitment to JESUS. So are many from the Branham following.

This comes about by a work of the Holy Spirit.

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