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Our Health: Spiritual and Natural

This post is important for all of us to read because most of us have some area of health to address and so many are seeking for healing. Some Christians need healing for the same thing again months later and there are reasons for that.

In the last 2 years, The Lord spoke to me concerning a family member who really trusts Him with everything she does. She was lifting heavy things often when working in the garden, cheating on meals and sleep and responding to comments with replies like "The Lord is Good" much as to say "I'm alright, He over-rides all that". Three times, He distinctly showed me something (months apart) that she was actually abusing Natural Laws He has made with Spiritual Laws. Both should be respected.

He was our Creator before He was our Savior. If you need healing, you may need to consider these things carefully. If you are approaching daily life similar to my family member - maybe you are not looking after your meals, nutrition or sleep......... maybe you are inflicting on yourself a stressful lifestyle, making your daily life more stressful than it would be, whatever, you need to sit down and take inventory?

If we are expecting The Lord to compensate for our lack of wisdom in these areas,

He will not do it. He will not support us in neglecting principles in His Word or misappropriating them. My family member got ill with a few complications. Two of my friends have experienced things as well.

If we are violating the natural laws (created by God) that our bodies are governed by - showing disrespect to His creation (we are) He may well let us learn the hard way. Most of us have to learn how to treat our body better in some way, be it diet, sleep, exercise, hours we're keeping, stressful lifestyle, overwork......... that pretty much includes all of us, would'nt you agree?

Well, following a wake-up call I had recently, The Lord is speaking to me and

saying "this is not just you, this is many of My children and I want you to tell them". So we want to take this call seriously. If we don't, we could find ourselves resisting Him. I am presently building up my health.

"His Mercy endures forever".......that is a spiritural principle and sometimes it applies physically too - that's the Grace of God. Also "it is God's Kindness that

leads us to repentance" and sometimes that kindness is disciplinary. It says in Psalms that "we are fearfully and wonderfully made". Sometimes the Grace of God will keep us well - despite our neglect - for a time but our bodies by nature are not so merciful.

If we abuse Natural Laws long enough - with or without Spiritual Principles - we should not be surprised if He lets our bodies teach us. It's a bit like the scripture that speaks about "The Lord not judging us but His Word will".

Some of you have had pretty close calls over the last year or so, in the area of health issues. Sometimes, He has placed on my heart to give spiritual and practical advice - at such times or before events and this has not been heeded. As a friend with a spiritual and natural calling, I've had to stand by with the frustration and disappointment of that.

However, I am not exempt. Through taking care of others with my websites and research, The Lord has been the one with disappointment and frustration with me as I have been neglecting adequate nutrition - cheating on meals often and inadequate sleep. Eventually, this took a toll on my (usually strong) immune system due to compromised sleeping hours and compromised nutrition.

I want to ask you something - a Holy Spirit question "what are you compromising.....and....what are you getting away with?" Maybe you are not getting away with it? And you know, this grieves The Lord, it really does! Because He said to me regarding this "He does not like to see children of the world being smarter than His children" referring to those who are health conscious - some of them advocates, because their ventures into Natural Health and even disciplines have paid off.

Yes my friends, they are experiencing good health while many of His children are sick, weak and even depressed because of lack of knowledge many times and lack of interest with some who hear about these things.

"Why do you call me Lord, Lord and do not the things that I tell you to do?"

Sometimes He shows you the way through someone or something and you fail to recognize His voice in it. Maybe through that person's testimony or appeal but because you want the easy way out (healing, answered payer) you tell yourself "that's not for me" and dismiss it.

He would say to you "My children can always come to Me"......and......"Healing is the children's bread" but just like the scripture says "He gives His Holy Spirit to those who obey" it is the same thing with Healing. In other words, if we are living in neglect - especially with resistance - it is not right to expect Him to heal us and then wonder why He does not, thinking to ourselves "but He promised". He is saying "of-course healing is right for you (as a child of God) but not always appropriate" (don't ask Him if your actions are not appropriate).

Our Savior and Creator provides both Spiritual and Natural healing - would you be prepared to let Him make that choice for you?

In recent years, He has been into Health and Lifestyle with many, resulting in stronger individuals - more resilient spiritually because they are healthier and happier. Is that what you are saying no to - when you don't want the practical way? Maybe? You will be very smart if you see this and do something about it.

At the same time, you find the transforming power of natural health, don't make 'a god' of it but by all means, you don't want to stay ignorant!

"If anyone lacks wisdom, let him/her ask and it will be given you". Maybe you did'nt ask for wisdom, you were after something else but you have been counseled with wisdom here. I wish you well with what you do with it.

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