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Out with the Old - In with the New

Hi there, I wish to address the matter of Christian Fellowship, how Christ intended it to be and how He did not. There is a growing restlessness and discontent on the Church Scene and it's going to continue. The church system as we know it today is modeled after Constantine's making (the Roman emperor in 300AD) and not after Christ's making through the apostles in New Testament days.

That may sound like a sweeping statement to some of you and would cause some to be joyed at the news and others to be indignant because they like the way things are. But many don't - they desire to live closely with Jesus and one-another in a way the modern system 4th- 21st century does not facilitate. That is because church services and programs create an artificial environment for the lives of Christians. It is not natural.

This may also surprise you. Church services were actually patterned after the Greek orators when they commenced. The Greeks used to make long speeches in buildings. People used to go along to learn things and be entertained.

This is not really what you call a family setting is it? anymore than a theater or classroom is.

These days, you can't even have worship time without a professional group called a 'worship team'.......some of us would be lost without it, when it comes to those who lead with more sensitivity. I put it to you that the Early Church did not have any of this. They just had accapella most times (the sound of voices blending) and they were much happier for it. They met together with gladness of hearts. You don't see many joy-filled faces today do you? Things have also become very technical, with projectors and screens instead of songs we can remember to sing together.......aye?

Amidst all this, the Gifts of the Spirit have been increasingly absent in most church services over the last decade or so - even in Pentecostal churches - could it be that the Holy Spirit is quenched? Maybe He is just not welcome in 'God's Service'. We have to ask ourselves these questions rather than follow blindly - after blind guides often. Jesus mentioned them in His day "the blind leading the blind" and human nature has not changed.

"CHURCH" as we know it today is NOT the same Model the Early Christians had. To some, it's a blessing regardless - in some way - to others it serves as a hindrance as it quenches blessing in their lives........they feel stifled whatever. Is that person You? If so, you may benefit from this post.

For so many years now, most of us have lived with a mentality that is fostered by church-preachers and handed on to us that is not correct despite all the biblical preaching they give and try to deliver. We’re not really living the life

Jesus designed for us, never mind man!

May I put it to you that Jesus came to change things from the way that Jewish people had things. The pharisees were committed to God’s Word too, with a lot of rules and laws added to it; attendance in the Synagogues – meeting places of that day…… Jesus calling us to a personal walk with Him – was actually met by the early Christians response in the Book of Acts as meeting in each other’s houses: they were

REAL with each other both NATURALLY and SPIRITUALLY.

Throughout church history, since the time when the life and power in the Church waned - Salvation by Grace, Identifying with Jesus in Baptism, Healing, Gifts of the Spirit -

each one of those has been restored at different times. In seasons and stages, The Lord has been bringing about change, causing us to return to the pattern. Even prophetic and apostolic ministry has returned to the Body of Christ. Each one of these changes have been accompanied with those who embraced it with Joy and those who

put up resistance. So each time was transitional.

There are two more things to be restored to the Church to truly be like the Early Church. One of them is being restored at this time and it is having the same varied response.

That is Home Churches like we see in the Book of Acts and Romans. After that comes miracles. Now many pastors and Christians alike are looking forward to miracles we have been told are coming but not so many are embracing the idea of Home Church.

Pastors in particular have the strongest resistance because it will change the order of things but there is coming about a paradigm shift. Many, many Christians are embracing it who want a closer walk with Jesus and one-another. The Lord will have His way.

Yes many brothers and sisters are finding the love, the joy and the peace there.

They are finding acceptance and a freedom to express themselves and their giftings.

This is truly wonderful. Needs are more often met and souls blessed!

Quite often, friends and neighbors will come into that environment, finding it healthier than church buildings and services that are institutional in nature really.

Maybe people in the world are wiser in some respects than us when they don’t want to ‘be churched' because the Church System as we know it today, was actually introduced by Constantine for political advantage - he changed the Early Christian way of doing things into a State Institution.........and we

have had this problem ever since.

Home Church is refreshingly different. It is a wonderful concept. There are many home churches across the USA and various countries the Gospel is reaching in Asia and Europe and more. Plus many Christians in underground churches where the preaching of the Gospel is not allowed. So it is not a fly by night phenomena by any means.

They are proven and sustainable. Plus, they do not have the drop-out rates that the church-system is responsible for. So if you don't agree with Home Churches, maybe in the near future, you will will find that you are resisting the Spirit of God.

The fruit of this is that these brothers and sisters have a stronger walk with God and they are more motivated to grow spiritually. Friends, that is healthy and brings Joy to the Heart of God.

In most Home Churches, you come together and share a meal and conversation.

You also share scriptures and sing together. You have The Lord's Supper.

There is some teaching, praise and worship and functioning in the Gifts of the Spirit.

In addition to these, there is a good healthy interest in sharing about people you

have shared about Jesus with and interaction with each-other during the week.




With New Testament giving, Tithes and Offerings are a thing of the Past:

they were intended for Israelites and practiced by Jews.

Facts you need to know are fully covered on the Truth about Giving page.

Home Churches place no pressure on your pocket but they delight in

giving to those in need and sometimes they pool together to meet a

genuine need in these family groups (their gathering).

The Church System has been into stereo-typing Christians for years.

One type does not fit all - Home Churches respect that.

You are an individual in God and each Child of God is special,

like a natural family setting.

So we all said "Out with the Old, In with the New" hey?

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