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Powerful Tempters - Watch for them!

Temptations are in__ greater than ever before.

We should never consider ourselves exempt.

Jesus never encouraged that....Peter did not....Paul did not.

In fact, JESUS said “Pray that you will resist temptation”.

Scripture counsels us to “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”

We need to “Wash ourselves with the water of His Word” daily.

Adultery is on the increase among Christians.

The Love of Money and Material Possessions that is in the world is affecting many Christian lives and Claiming some of them. These come from “The Spirit of the World”

The following content is

urgently on my heart after several reports have come to me in the last 24 hours

AND a survey I did on the integrity of preachers a few weeks ago that was disturbing, to say the least.

I am placing a list of things here The Lord just gave me for you to think about.

See what they bring to mind and pray about them.

Don't think you are exempt

The Holy Spirit is sensitive

Importance of Father-time

Work out your Salvation

Look for His Coming

Watch your priorities

Making Safeguards

Pray not to enter temptation

Do not willfully sin

Don't underestimate

The Lord won't mind if I do this

What we take in daily

Company we keep

Learn to nip things in the bud

Set apart to God

What value do you place on holiness?

Spend time with The Lord

Don't play with sin

The one that's irresistible

Making right Choices

Master sin before it masters you

Unforgiveness - Cancel Offenses

Watch for blind spots

His Word will reveal them.

The one we can't resist is

the one we should resist

Why do you call Me Lord

and do not the things I say?

Grow in His Words

they will strengthen you.

Practice accountability

with The Lord.

Take inventory

Preachers leading the way into sin

with remarriages and coveting.

Q. What is the most powerful sin?

A. The one that attracts You.

We need to Practice Care!

There was a song years ago that went like this:

Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day

when Jesus washed my sins away.

He taught me how to watch and pray

and live Rejoicing every day.

Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day

when Jesus washed my sins away.

There is another song that went like this:

Heaven came down and glory filled my soul

when at the Cross, my Savior made me whole.

My sins were washed away

and my night was turned to day.

Heaven came down and glory shone around.

Most churches present a Social Gospel these days.

There's no repentance involved (turning away from sin)

so that person does not experience the JOY of Forgiveness.

If that was you - you missed it altogether!

And some of us have forgotten what this experience was like.

Time is like that but each one of us can experience this

on a regular basis.

Never forget the Cross, that He went there

with Joy in His Spirit - seeing us the other side.

YES, You and Me!

"The Lord be with your spirit"

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