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Praise for Contributors to this Blog

Hi there, my web-hosts tell me that for some reason, not many people comment on blogs, even good ones. I run a blog on three of my websites and find their words correct. It is true that I have many visitors to this Blog each month (evident from site activity reports) but not many participants. Seems for some reason most visitors like to read rather than comment and that is really sad because you can increase the value of an article by giving your input. Did you know that?

No-one can give your particular input, so give it a try! God placed His spirit in you, a believer, not just in me to write articles – I can do that on any page of my websites but.... this blog commenced so you could have a say. To be honest, I’ve found the lack of participation disappointing at times and I’m sure that many of you find it so as well. I have a word for you and it’s this: if everyone leaves it to someone else, how many comments do we find on a blog? And if I did not make time to write for you sometimes, how many posts would you see in this blog. No-one has time these days, not even me, but we can all make time for something we like or we would not be reading in the first place.

So come on now and spare a few minutes. That is a small effort for someone who is saved by Grace and called to speak up for Him. Many of us would like to do this and that for Jesus – that’s true – can we be trusted with the little things? Believe it or not, He uses those things as a gauge on whether He can trust us.

In this post, I will be acknowledging those who participate the most and those who make a good comment that is thoughtful, graciously inviting, stirring our spirit, wise and challenging, notably pleasant, cheerful or interesting.

Look for comments by the following who have participated so far – some of them generously – they give good input that makes this blog worth reading and my efforts worthwhile.

Mark and Debbie, Sheree, Geoff, Karisa, Paul and Karen, Ps Anthony, Peter Davis, Leanne, Beth May, Kim and Sally, Trisha and Kathy.



My good friends Geoff and Sheree, well attested for living a true Christian life. It’s so good that you have taken some time out of your very busy schedule to contribute in this Blog that is dedicated to the One who came in Grace and Truth. Wish you could participate more.

Maybe you can find a way.

You can find really good comments to Quotes and Sayings by Sheree on my Inspirations for You website. She is such a precious person with a beautiful nature. You will love her comments there.



Ps Anthony, it is good to hear from a Pastor whose first commitment is to Jesus and not an institution and you have a commitment to Christians also.

There is a difference between pastors and true shepherds.

Ps Anthony

Mark and Debbie, you have such a good grasp on spiritual things and obviously have a mature walk in Christ. We must hear some more comments from you.

Mark and Debbie

Peter and Rod, that was a punchy address that offending Televangelists should hear because they take so much for granted when they empty Christian’s pockets in the name of God.

Peter Davis

Rod Sanderson

Leanne and Beth May, would like to encourage you to comment again in Janets Blog, you are welcome here and your input has such a gentle touch.


Beth May

Kim and Sally, your one of comment is refreshing, and two comments from Trisha also. I hope to see you again. You sound like such lovely people to know.

Kim and Sally

Trisha, Paul and Karen, I would love to hear from you again. You speak direct words with scriptural conviction. It is good for people to hear your comments.


Paul and Karen

Karisa, what can I say_ your words are so thoughtful and helpful. They are also delectable because you are scripturally seasoned. This is apparent by your gracious input. Thank you.


Cathy, a candid person with pleasant comments to make. I value her honesty, I feel will benefit all. It’s nice to hear from someone who is real, contagiously so!


I wish each one of you a pleasant day and evening when you read

this acknowledgement.

Hopefully, others will take after your generous spirit.


Do you want to see more articles here on this blog?

If "yes" encourage me.

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