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Promises we Make

It's good to follow through on our words, yes. That's actually a scriptual practice blessed by God our Savior – we become imitators of Him because He keeps His Promises. It's especially important with children because they really trust us.

I think that all of us has a child inside of us that feels good when promises are kept. This is a message for Today is'nt it?......where so many promises are not kept with the busy rush and pace of life_ it's activity and responsibilities? For me, I said to The Lord once that I could not take any more of that and had to make a few boundaries. I've made some exceptions with some very genuine people who had good intentions I'm sure....regardless of those, they too have let me down.

I give this encouragement to you, that The Lord says in His Word that “He is not a disappointment” He keeps His Promises – sometimes when conditions are kept. But His Love is unconditional.....His Faithfulness can be trusted.

Sometimes people can damage our trust with broken promises through sheer carelessness (rash promises) or neglect. Scripture says to “Let your Yes be Yes”. Let us be keepers of His Word – that is to keep our words. Otherwise, it is best not to make them, even if the person may feel good for the moment – they may be twice as upset later.....hey? It's true. I have had a few repeats of this recently. Just because I write Inspirations does not mean to say that I'm exempt, and I am a happy peaceful person these days.

Sometimes we break our promises by putting things off and later we forget. Please be mindful that the person still remembers. Do you think we could think first before making a promise? Maybe we should make a commitment to that promise when we make it? We could even make a reminder note so we can't forget. And we will get to share Joy with that person when they are happy with us. Let's be thankful receivers!

I'm thinking about posting a 2nd article about this because it is so important_ to God, the receiver and ourself. I just found a lot of links on Google.

What are your thoughts about this? How could we avoid disappointing others.....and how can we best recover from this type of thing? Pleasant entries please.

Quote: We can be genuine when making a promises, it takes integrity to keep them. JV

Quote: We value a person as much as we keep our words. JV

Quote: It's the little promises we break the most because there are more of them. JV

Quote: It's best not to make too many promises to keep up with - we're sure to break them. JV

Try not to make promises to God

we only break them and feel poorly.

Let Him make them to you instead

and live in appreciation of them!


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