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Some Tactics To Watch Out For

When some of us read in Scripture ”not to be ignorant of the enemy’s devices” they’re mostly patterned around the sin-nature that Adam and Eve passed on to us and insecurities that went along with it (those things that bring discomfort, disharmony and distress).

I’m going to bring a list of them to your attention to help you “watch and pray” like Jesus instructed us to do. Both of these are essentials in the Christian life. Many of us pray but not many watch. So you could be living for Jesus but leaving your lives open. Adam was told to watch over that Garden and he could enjoy it as long as he wanted to. But He did not remember God’s Words properly and calamity broke out on all Mankind. He was supposed to be on Guard against unwelcome guests. Instead of this, he paid attention to Eve and tolerated what was taking place.

This article will show you how we do the same thing often. We too, have a Garden to watch over, and that’s this life The Lord has given us. Some Christians think about the enemy too much and would do well to think about GOD More! The Lord is not telling us to think or obsess about our enemies but to watch. As long as we are in the world, we need to watch out for the following and if we don’t watch or pray, that is very silly indeed. Peter said to “draw near to God, resist the devil and he shall flee”. That is a good pattern for Christian living and absolutely vital when we encounter the tactics of our enemies. You can see what I mean here. Remember the emphasis Peter gave is to DRAW NEAR TO GOD first.

Resistance is important – we must – remember the Best Way!

Anxiety – that’s why Jesus said “be anxious for nothing……….” Anxiety is crippling, it can hinder your praying and moving in Faith and drain your energy and Peace.

Learn to relax and Rest in The Lord and not to lend your thoughts to worry and place

your Trust in a Loving Creator.

Depression – it has a paralizing effect on your spirit “Rejoice in The Lord Always” and don’t allow it an opportunity to creep in. I heard a prophecy in the 70’s that said “My Peace cannot rest on a troubled spirit” so you need to rest and trust in Him for this Peace to return.

Doubts – if you dwell on them, they will grow bigger. “There is Joy and Peace in Believing” entertain thoughts of Faith instead – every child of God can do this. It is resident in your spirit. You need to furnish your thoughts with His Living Words – they will bring Faith to you as you prayer-read His Word.

Judging – it will only cause you to reap judgement “no-one knows the thoughts of a person except Jesus” and He judges fairly because He is the Lover of our souls and our Advocate.

Condemnation – that too, has a paralizing effect on your spirit. “Jesus has been made unto to us righteousness, sanctification and redemption” so if you are redeemed, you are forgiven. "I am the righteousness of God for Christ has shed His Blood for Me”. You need to rest in that.

Confusion – is meant to confound you and make your faith shaky. “our God does not author confusion. He is a God of Peace” stay where the Peace is – best place is in His Presence.

Unforgiveness – is also crippling and brings spiritual blindness. Do what The Lord does “cancel their debts (offenses) and consider their misdeeds no more” You don’t have to feel nice about that person – it’s an act of will that God requires of us.

Unforgiveness brings judgement and hinders our prayers.

Dwelling on Things – to do this only magnifies them and then we can’t think freely and clearly. “whatever is lovely and true and trustworthy, think of these things and the God of Peace will be with you” it will become more tangible.

The News and Soapys – the News is meant to destroy your Faith in God’s Nature (a hidden agenda) and Soapys to shape and program your thinking (that’s the purpose of them). “whatever is just and pure and honorable, whatever is excellent and of a good report” entertain these things – you can’t do both. Worship includes our lifestyle, it is not limited to prayer.

Unhealthy Thoughts – give way to distressing thought patterns. Sometimes our enemies impose certain thoughts, hoping that we will dwell on them. Do not entertain them. To entertain them is to pay attention to and tolerate them – like the TV set. This gives them power – we virtually submit to them. We are told “not to be ignorant to these devices.

Worldly Temptations – only bring grief later when we find ourselves in debt OR make us spiritually empty and unequipped to handle situations when they come up. This is another reason why we are told “not to be conformed to this world” and to “set our minds on Heavenly things (not so much) the earthly things” because they will weigh us down so we cannot “run the race that is set before us”. At the end of it there is a Prize. We live on this earth and there is a balance of what we should and should not. Try this: whatever you buy and engage in that you can freely do with thanksgiving is the best way to know the difference.

Unloving Attitudes and Behavior – God’s River flows through the Law of Love. “by this we can know we are (truly) His child”. Did Jesus not say to “be like your Heavenly Father?” How dare we bring discomfort to others and pray for The Lord to bless us. Try to “learn what pleases The Lord” and “be gracious with each-other”.

Lending our Ears to Gossip – the world has this attitude but so do Christians often. Neither should we quickly shut someone up who is genuinely confiding in us, but monitor this and direct them to The Lord. Be a peacemaker and offer prayer for that person as well. If you know the other person, maybe you can bring calmness and clarity by reminding them of something good about that person and assuring them that things will improve. Quickly shutting someone up (if they are disturbed or distressed) only causes further damage and You are causing more disunity because that person who Jesus died for feels alienated from you.

Weekly Magazines – from your local store are full of gossip and do not make for Christian reading.

“If anyone be in Christ, he/she is a New Creation – those old things should pass away and all things (habits and interests) become New” They give you a different blueprint for living than The Lord intends for you. So you should refrain from them. Learn to fashion yourself after God and wear His Image – that’s the Best in life.

Medical Prognosis – practitioners are often good at diagnosing what’s wrong so you can deal with it – preferably with natural things or prayer He has ordained. Sickness can be distressing and sometimes medical drugs can cause more problems (many do). Now when a practitioner tells you what outcome you can expect - after diagnosis is made or treatment given - you should not take a negative prognosis to heart. That can be very damaging and is definitely not God’s Will for you. But rather, you should not take that on board but go to Prayer and Press into God

because HE is your Healer and Deliverance from whatever. Do not be at the mercy of what you hear. That is a Bad Report. We are instructed in scripture to go with the Good Report. Let me explain this: the medical profession offers you a report of gloom but God’s Word promises you Health, Peace and Joy! "I know the plans I have for you, not for evil but to give you HOPE and a Future” look for that and go with the GOOD REPORT. If something needs to be dealt with – do it Naturally. Nutritional Deficiencies could be the cause or Lifestyle Corrections need to be made. Stress Management could be a must. A Natural Health professional is more equipped to tell you

than the Medicos are. Maybe you're deficient in certain levels of nutrients that cause you to cope less with stress. You should at least know how stress can affect your levels too and how to fortify yourself nutritionally.

Lying Symptoms - A year ago, I woke up one day and experienced acute pain in my left leg and could not stand with that foot to walk to the other room, in fact it caved in on me 3 times. It went lame – a scarey experience, literally crippling. Perplexed by this (nothing to account for it) I managed to get myself on the sofa where I lay down and rested. I looked to The Lord and said to myself “ I live on my own, I cannot have this. You do not want this and I do not accept it. I will walk!” After a while in The Lord’s presence, I got up and was fine for the rest of the day and it did not return since. We must put up resistance instead of accepting what “comes our way” much as to say “you’re uninvited, get out of here!” I literally refused to accept it.

Now sickness is a work of the devil, scripture says and it also gives us the perfect recipe for resistance. Peter said to “Draw near to God, resist the devil and he shall flee!’’ Don’t forget the first part, we must draw near to God, then resist that symptom whatever before it takes up residence, so to speak – yes nip it in the bud, right there and then.

As God’s beloved children, we need to Clothe ourselves in Truth – that’s how The Lord works when we take a step of faith and apply it. He does’nt require great leaps of faith, just a simple step in the right direction.

Wrong Company - some people can really drag you down and weaken your spirit – they're always talking about their problems, making depressing or worldly conversation. This is not good for you.

If they are like that, you should cut their company to a minimum and stay with the company of those who are not draining your energy (it has to affect your faith somehow). And also, know the balance of whose company to keep in the world – there is nothing wrong with having a friend who is not a Christian. The problem is when someone's lifestyle whatever is tempting you. Scripture does say “you are children of light” and “what fellowship has light with darkness”. I do not endorse the theory of some Pastors who encourage you to shun everyone's company in the world and keep Christian company only. He is their Creator and if you're young, you need to choose your company wisely!

Compromised Relationships - these are the Last Days, the Coming of The Lord is closer than we think. “He will Come to repay each one, according to their works” yet there are some Christians who convince themselves that it's “alright” to live defacto – just like the world, they find no need for marriage, saying "The Lord does'nt mind".

Some of them consider themselves quite spiritual in the things of God and if you had a conversation with them – no way would you guess they are not committed to marriage. There is definitely some form of delusion involved often but each new day there is an opportunity to Repent and time is fast running out. If you're living in the flesh “He will say to you, depart from Me, I do not know you!” EXACTLY the same applies to those who break the bond of marriage to go and marry someone else – if you want to be Christian, who do you think you're kidding? There are better living people in the world. If that is an indictment, it is meant to be. Jesus' last words in Revelations says “outside are those who do these things along with everyone who practices evil”. You will know then, if you really loved Jesus or not. “why do you call me Lord, Lord and do not the things I SAY?”

Prayerlessness and Neglecting Devotions

Seven days without prayer does make one weak. This is true. Prayerlessness will weaken your spirit like nothing else! And it is not natural for a child of God – there is something wrong. Lack of Prayer and Devotions cause spiritual lack. You will always be looking to someone else for prayer and strength OR wishing you had the same relationship someone else has with Jesus.

You can, it’s found in cultivating His Presence and finding the most enjoyable way of feeding on His Words. They will become Life to you. Especially when you apply them – that way they stay with you for life!

Then you will be “like the tree planted beside still waters” and “the garden whose waters fail not”.

The “knowledge of The Lord will become pleasant to your soul” for during those times you will become acquainted with Him and see facets of His Nature – instead of like strangers (the One you hear about once a week maybe).

He will become your God instead of someone elses! Often our lives are spiritually poor when we fail to be personal with Him weeks, months or years after we found Him. That’s why the apostle Paul counsels us this way “as you have received The Lord, so (continue to) walk in Him” – remember? That is to keep relating with Him personally……don’t allow the simplicity and vitality to slip away.

Continue to cultivate His Presence – keep nurchuring your spirit with His Words.

JESUS says to You “I am close to the door of your heart. Invite Me in (once again) and we shall sup and fellowship together”. He really is a Treasure – find this TRUE!

Identifying and Resisting the Enemys Tactics, The Best Way to Do this.

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