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Thankful Receivers and Being a Blessing

And we should be thankful receivers when someone blesses us.

Especially The Lord! So many times we forget to thank Him or do not recognize what comes from His Hand.

He is so patient and Gracious - let's learn to have a THANKFUL SPIRIT.

Some principles will be shared here that will inspire many of you to a new

found freedom in these areas. Yes? Come with me.

Someone said unkind and careless words this week I felt I would

really like to bless following a gift she received that she was looking forward to.

She did not express any thanks or appreciation for several days.....left it unwrapped.......

then sent it back to me because she was irritated about me disturbing her with a morning phone call. She said "I do not like calls in the morning, I pray to God then!" and she did not like me asking her about her marked absence - for 5 days I did not hear from her. I asked her why and said would she please not do that again.

Friends, I was so inspired by that how so many of us treat the Giver of Givers

when He longs to bless and why He withholds further blessing at times.

At first, when I had this gift for her - just what she needed and really nice -

that would bless her beyond her expectations, it was very hard to contact her.

The Holy Spirit inspired me through that experience too.

She was actually not well at the time - unknown by me - she could not speak

because she had laryngitis. And this is what He showed me:

Sometimes, just like I was, The Lord has a wonderful blessing.....a really

nice gift He wants to give us.....He is really looking forward to seeing us

receive it and the surprise in our eyes.

But for some reason - whatever it may be - we are simply not there

to receive it. We're not contactable......we're so busy with day to day life with it's

interests and concerns that we are not present with Him - so to speak - to receive this wonderful gift. This could be over days or weeks with many of us.

How many of us spend quality time with Him?

How many of us have warm and receptive hearts?

How many of us have the ability to receive gracefully?

How many of us are thankful receivers?

Our Heavenly Father has feelings too. He is the Giver of Givers and sometimes He will send something our way in Grace because He loves us

with an unconditional love. So kind is The Lord.

Usually, just how we like for a loved one to be present to receive gifts, so it is

with Him. He loves to relate closely with us and precious gifts are sometimes

His way of showing us His care and affection.



Just like a child, we need to open up and receive from His Hand.

To go to Daddy and sit in His lap so to speak.

And importantly, to receive thankfully and treasure that gift.

Don't just run off with it or treat it carelessly.

Would we be willing to give gifts to our son or daughter if they are not

thankful or treat their gifts carelessly? Good parents don't encourage that

but so often we expect that from our Heavenly Father.

He loves for us to spend quality time with Him and not just to be a present giver.

The world treats Him like that because they don't know Him.

The Lord has spoken prophetically to Christians here a few times inviting us

to ask for as much blessing as we like.......and also, that He would give us the

ability to receive. We need to pray for that and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal

to us how to receive in simple trust and faith, those things we have

requested of Him.

This article was going to be only about Thankful Receivers

But I felt to add about Thankful givers as well.

They are so awesome – they really are!

It is a real privilege to share our blessings with those in need.

He said once that He would greatly bless me and He also said that this

was not only for my benefit but to "Make me a Blessing" when we ask

Him for much blessing, He gives them to us because we are His children He

loves very much and like any good parent, He likes us to share!

Who have you thought of blessing lately? Yes, we can bless others too,

in prayer, in conversation and with gifts and talents He gives to us.

"If you need hope, give some away. What you bring to others, The Lord

can bring to you"

We need to think outside ourselves more often.

If we are stingy with giving to others, how can we expect Him to be generous with us?

Remember the encouragements Jesus and the Apostle Paul gave us. Their counsel

has not changed. And if you don't have much left after rent and expenses, tithes and offerings, you may like to read my post called

It is actually not scriptural for ministers to solicit your money for buildings and programs

in the form of tithes and offerings, much less ask you for more and more.

Did you know that tithes were part of God's Covenant with the Jews? And offerings also

for Israel (that were given to those in need).

They were accompanied with great rejoicing.

Nowhere in scripture are we told to pay

for our blessings and threatened if we don't.

Malachi 3 is quoted out of context.

What about Grace Tithes you say? Abraham only tithed the once and it was not from his income. And Jacob did so only the once with a conditional vow! New Testament giving by Early Christians was mostly for those in need and they gave with much Joy and Thanksgiving at opportunities to show their generosity. Note, it was as they were able and purposed in their hearts, not demanded of them?

We can all have gladness in giving restored to us if we find out the facts on the link above! How dare some preachers empty your pockets and take that which belongs to the poor. Some of them dare to say "Give your offerings to us, we have the 60 fold

ground" misquoting Jesus words to us! .They even have the nerve to tell us that giving to the poor won't return that much. How can they desecrate God's Sanctuary

like that? The Lord will repay preachers according to the good or evil they have

done when He comes. They are so deluded, they think they are getting away with it.

Having lost five dear loved ones in 10 months, I am very much aware how sudden

death comes. I want to be ready, do you?

House Churches have been a place of refuge to many Christians who have been abused spiritually over financial giving and prosperity gospels that make you broke.

Many of them practice true respect and generosity toward each other such as the

New Testament records. You may like to click on that link also.


Have Ears to Hear

It is important not to keep things in our hearts about each other or to act poorly towards fellow Christians and other people if we want to receive gifts from the Heavenly Giver, because scripturally speaking, we have a spiritual bond with each other that is important like that of a husband and wife. And we are also ambassadors of God's Love and letters.....let us be a good example.

So don't let your prayers be hindered will you or those who you offend?

So many Christians are guilty of offenses and wonder why The Lord

does not answer prayer. I have another post on Handling Offenses.

The first hinderance to Prayer is not praying – How can we ask or thank God

if we don't pray? "You can ask what you will if you Abide in Me".

Often you try so hard and He wants you to ask Him to move for you.

It is also important how we treat the giver anytime. If we want to be happy recipients of good gifts, let's make happy those who give to us.....hey?



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