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The Importance of Words we Speak

Speak words of life and color your life

Write a New Script and See the Difference!

I wish to share with you some things the Spirit of God brings my way at times concerning the VALUE of Speaking Words of Life when it comes to our life and the lives of others. What you read here could be the most important content you read on this Site if you grasp these principles.

Proverbs 4:7 says

The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight.

I pray that you will richly benefit from this article!

Creative Power of Words

It says in His Word that "God spoke and things were...and we have the same spirit"..... We see on the day of Creation how He said "Let there be light and there was light" etc And He also tells us that "We are made in His Image"......our words have an impact too, in a lesser sense. Our words can create a happy state of mind and circumstances OR chaotic even.

Everything God made, He said was GOOD....and man knew nothing but Good until he touched the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil". Adam and Eve were living in a real Paradise in that Garden of Eden before that..........and then everything changed......... including their words because they lied for the first time and their words would have become negative. They would have experienced the same negative thoughts and emotions we do.

The effects from what they did were passed down to us along with that same knowledge of good and evil that came into the world through their consent - we have experienced depression, anger, frustration and disappointment etc ever since. And we have a vocabulary of Good and Bad things we say every day_ positive and negative; happy and sad; constructive and destructive; polite and impolite; uplifting and upsetting etc

Order your day and life with Good Words

on a daily basis.

Can you believe this, that our words do actually have an impact on our thoughts and feelings and those of others around us. I have witnessed a few families that are very unhappy and upset much of the time because a good amount of the content of their words are full of negativity and worry.......and two families on the verge of separation because one or two members in conflict, with little or no restraint over their words has reaped havoc on the entire family.

Things don't have to be that way, really they don't, if we practice some CARE and caution over the words we speak. It's kind of like making out a Menu - as it were - with the words of our mouths for that immediate day, following days,

weeks or months of our lives.

It's amazing, the difference Good, Wholesome, Healthy Words can make to a day......and......have you ever noticed the way you can change your mood-level just by speaking some positive words (maybe cheering yourself up) on certain occasions? (maybe for someone else's benefit even).

We are Encouraged to do this in Scripture

this is more than worldly affirmations

David said words like "I will Praise The Lord....yes I will Bless The Lord....His Praise shall be continually in my mouth"

In Scripture, to Praise is to speak Highly of and elevate. To Bless is to speak Well of

(His Goodness and Virtues) making a Good Report.

"I will Extol The Lord at all times, His Praise shall continually be in my mouth" PS 34:1

We Lift Him Up in this way....we Elevate Him Above our circumstances....and give Him the Honor and privilege of Reigning in our lives. Negative confession does not do this, it only hinders the process of Good things in our lives....He wants to do....

He has promised us.

You know in scripture, how He desires that we should Praise and Exalt His Name?

Well, He also says that "He has magnified His Word above His Name"

The Hebrew word for this is "Promises"....that's how highly He thinks of


So do not magnify His enemies by negative words that multiply the 'not so good'

in your lives. Elevate HIM in your Praise and Confession (the words you speak).

For He rightly says "To him/her who Orders his/her conversation aright, I will

Show the SALVATION of God" is to be a continual ever-present thing in

the Hearts and Lives of His children who walk in this way.

So "Offer Him Praise and Order your conversation Right"

Psalm 50:23

Don't let sad words and negative words leave you in a hurry

as He once told me through someone prophetically.

He was telling me that I will have the Victory over circumstances

if He has the Victory over my mouth.

(I had been overwhelmed at the time).





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