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Troublesome Religions - Follow Jesus!

Most of us know something about the world religions and

Christian Cults I am about to inform you about

but not is important that you know the facts.

I have not written these things in a general way, I've known or encountered people from these religions that will give you more of an idea what they are

about and how every person NEEDS JESUS.

That is the REAL JESUS, not Adam (JWs) not Michael (Mormons) not Anti-Christ (Muslim) not A Good Man (New Age) or any other but the Bible Jesus.



A Caution to Seekers and a Wake Up Call to Christians alike -

bringing comfort to some, that these matters are being addressed.

You may have heard that Jews and Muslims believe in the first five books in the Bible.

A preacher over a Christian TV program made a statement that Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in the same God. But this could not be further than the truth because the Jewish serve a Faithful God and practice Love, Muslims serve an Angry God and practice Hate. For some years now, Buddhists have earned a good reputation for practicing Peace and Happiness through their meditation, and popular Sayings from their Dalai Lama. The Hindus are considered to be peaceable because they won't step on an ant if they can help it. The Mormons call themselves Latter-day Saints and do things that are considered to be helpful (to win you over) The JWs (Jehovah's Witnesses) are staunch bible readers and are keen to promote that.

Before you go another day thinking these people are more devout than many Christians are (who don't live the life) let me share certain things that have come to my attention through the years - some recent - that could make you think twice.

We should all be aware of these things in the days we are living in.

I have known people from these religions and they do struggle with the Sin Problem as much as any Sinners do, if not more because they try to live for God in their own strength without His Spirit living in them and without Faith in the Saving Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

I had a friendship for a time with 3 Muslim families, whereby the Love, Joy and Peace of JESUS was evident in a way they longed for and also answered prayers in the Name of Jesus, they exclaimed to me "That was a miracle, a real miracle. Thank you Janet, thank you for praying for us, we know God answered your prayers. Nothing else could make this happen but when you prayed, a miracle, a miracle!"

But they were too scared to believe in the Jesus who did these kind miracles for them because they are indoctrinated for years, they are doomed to Hell if they do and nothing can save them from that fate because Allah will be angry. In fact, they have certain words they pray every day - so great is their fear - "Never make me a Christian, never make me a Jew!" They asked me many times to pray for them when they had real needs but I found this: Jesus would give each one an outstanding miracle they could not deny, to show them what He is really like (how loving, how kind) and He expected them to make the next step instead of depending on my Faith.

I had to go separate ways a few years back when I discovered Muslims do not worship the

same God. In fact, their Koran tells them that "Allah is the Best of Schemers" (3:54; 8:30).

They will deny this but the root word for that (makr) actually means deception!

Now to the Christian, that is very serious because our Bible distinctly says that

"Satan is the Father of Lies and was from the Beginning" when he deceived Adam

and Eve.John 8:44 It also says that "God is Light and in Him there is No darkness!"

1 John 1:5 and in John 10:10,11 Jesus says "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.

I have come that they may have life, and have it in all its fullness. I am the

Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep."

Also, Muslims live with no certainty if they will be in Heaven or not and live their entire lives on a Merit System, hoping they will make an Angry God happy with them. Faith in God for many, is often a major stabilizing force. By contrast, Islam promotes internal anxiety by keeping any true degree of comfort that one has ultimately pleased Allah enough to avoid Hell.

Jamaican cleric, Abdullah al-Faisal, told his followers that killing is the only sure way for sinning Muslims to avoid Hell: "Some people are so sinful, after living in Dar ul-Harb (the West) for many years, the only way they can go to Paradise is for them to die on the battlefield fighting for Allah. When you go to the battlefield and you kill the kuffar (non-Muslims), they shall take your place in the hellfire."

A very nice Muslim couple could not get along together since they married. The wife was very dominating and almost impossible to live with, he keeps getting in rages of temper and finally, he smashes glass objects and shouts profane words at her with a small baby in her arms - at Ramadan time - and she ran to me to rescue her. A different Ramadan time she says she hates a few government workers and wishes she could kill them.I could go on to say more concerning other stories I know personally, I won't do that because I care about them. Only a God of Love can help us with the Sin Problem, and make our ways loving. Not a God of Hate.

One Muslim friend said to me a few times "Your heart is cleaner than mine" and that she would become a Christian if she wasn't a Muslim. Another Muslim and his daughter and son took a real liking to me.They worked at the weekend market and would get so happy to see me each time I came, their faces lit up with big smiles. I miss some of my Muslim friends - they were friendly and polite - but our faith is at cross-purposes, because the Jesus they secretly believe in actually describes the Anti-Christ, I found out later.

Other things I discovered when searching on the Net after encountering a Muslim

couple who deliberately lied on two occasions and denied it to my face are that

Muslims are allowed to tell 4 types of Lies: Taqiyya, Tawriya, Kitman and Muruna.

If you question them about that, they will say they never heard of those, and they're

lying for Allah (and the Koran) when they tell you that. And what really threw me is

S 3:54; 8:30 in their Koran that says "Allah is the Best of Schemers" the root word is Makr that means Deceiver. Our Bible tells us that "Satan is the Father of Lies from the Beginning" John 8:44 and "God is Light, in Him there is No Darkness" 1 John 1:5 and it also says "What fellowship has Light to do with Darkness?" 2 Co 6:14,15 so I immediately knew my Christian Example and Witness of Jesus was for a time to them and went separate ways.

Mormons are not allowed to know if they are going to Heaven either and try very hard to win God's approval all their lives. They are told they will be gods later if He is really pleased with them. They are also told that God is a bigamist with wives on different planets and that Jesus is Michael the Archangel. They wear underwear with Masonic symbols everywhere they go, thinking it protects them, when in actual fact, it has a demonic influence on them. Years ago, an Ex Mormon wanted to know what certain words were, he kept hearing in the temple worship repeatedly (not everyone is allowed to attend, things are kept in great secrecy). To his astonishment, he found out from a language expert that the words meant 'Wonderful Lucifer'. They are also taught to believe that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers in rivalry. Nothing could be further from the Truth. I heard these reports from a caring Christian couple in the 80's who knew this man personally.

I cannot begin to tell you of the immoral practices that take place in that religion, better if I don't. I found out 3 Yrs ago from an Ex Elder over YouTube who was in a very high position - he left it when he discovered some places in the writings of their prophets that were very conflicting and misleading. He and his wife felt betrayed by lies they believed in for so many years, like so many do now who are making those discoveries and they are alerting people about it.

Lynn Wilder, founder of Ex-Mormon Christians United for Jesus, talks about the similarities between Mormonism and Islam. She also reports a major discrepancy in their teachings:

The Book of Mormon says polygamy is an abomination.

Book of Covenants says it's an eternal principle.

Some of their bishops are starting to say it doesn't add up.

On YouTube.

Millions of people are leaving Mormonism, finding it false and they feel betrayed. Different things have been hid from them for many years they are finding in the history of some of their prophets in Mormon literature giving evidence they have been Lied to and this compels them to break away - they're outraged when they discover this because such stringent standards are expected of them.

They report that after leaving the Church, they need lots of healing from unbelievable mind domination that goes on there and this affects all their thought processes in a serious way. (These are their words, not mine) I think they have a lot of courage. It has also been reported they have one of the highest rates for Medication intervention and suicide. Please pray for those who are leaving because many are disillusioned when the delusion breaks - some even become Atheists, they are so hurt. Many have even lost their families. That's a big price to pay for Freedom!

Shame on some Christians who think they can take the

Grace of God so lightly. You need to Repent.

Did you know that Joseph Smith said these words?

“I have more to boast about than any man had……..A large majority of the whole have stood by me.

Neither Paul, John, Peter or Jesus ever did it. I boast that no man ever did such a work as I…….”

(Joseph Smith – History of the Church, Vol 6, pp. 408-409)

You can be sure that no-one with a big ego was used by God.

1. They don't really have a servant's heart.

2. He never called them in the first place.

The Christian Bible has verses like

"No longer I but Christ in Me"

(speaking of emphasis in real Christian's

hearts and lives)

"By their fruit you shall know them"

I suggest that apart from the Muslim religion and WMB Cult, Mormonism is the most subtly dangerous religion of all, causing untold damage to the hearts and minds of men, women and children who have been dictated to by it and helplessly enslaved by it. My deepest respect to those who have been awakened out of it and have had the courage to share what they experienced. My heart goes out to you and the compassion of The Lord, our True Shepherd. Rest assured that neither Joseph Smith or any Church Leaders who have deliberately Lied for him will ever see Heaven but Jesus' True Salvation and enabling Grace (not dependent on your strength) will see you there.

The Lord knows those who are His and He leads them into safe pasture, scripture says.

The Lord be Good to you and bring Life and Blessings your way.

Before finding out those things, I met a girl about 38-40Yrs in a shopping centre from that religion who took a real shine to me and things I was sharing about an inspirational website I have. She desperately wanted my phone Nb and to be friends for life, saying we had been 'bosom friends' in eternity before we came to this world. Such a mysterious way she spoke - I think she was unstable. I made a search on the Net so I could understand more about her religion and when I offered to send the video links to her, she would not let me help her.

I have Arabic neighbors who are Drews. They describe their religion as "the best of Muslim and Christian put together" similar to the new Chrislam religion. Years ago, friends in their religion laughed when they saw the Twin Towers September 11th on their TV screen when visiting them. These neighbors are very polite and hospitable if you visit their house but they have done atrocious unbeleilable things to my property without my permission that has amounted to about $700 of damage.

The 4 brothers own 4 businesses and 3 rental houses between them, unyet they had no conscience in buying a 4 bedroom rental house from the Government (when they needed it) instead of giving it back for someone-else who needs it. Then they knocked out walls and had fancy renovations making it like a small palace (you could say). They have an air of sophistication and dignity about them and do not apologise for anything they have done with my property or the Government's. They wear no sense of shame whatsoever. They have absolutely no sense of "treating others how you wish to be treated" Matthew 7:12 (the words of Jesus).

Kurdish friends told me years ago that people from my neighbor’s country and religion work really hard to compete with their wealth. Christians are taught these words “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others”

Philippians 2:4

They keep saying “I love you Janet" and have not attempted to make things right with me once. Clearly, this is not the way Christians live unyet they claim to believe Jesus is God and pray about everything they do. They are a very close knit family though and practice love and discipline with their kids. Apart from that, I see little to no resemblance to the Christian Faith. In fact, when one of them showed me the new renovations a few years ago, there was a new courtyard with a big fancy Buddha to decorate it, much to my astonishment - which God do they believe in, Allah, Jesus or Buddha?

Some of you think, let's go Buddhist do you? "It's better than religion." Did you know

it's not the easy way of life you expect it is to obtain that 'peaceful mindset'...... it requires an awful lot of discipline with selfless thinking where you almost have to divorce yourself - with a very high standard of self denial - to achieve that. It has been said that not everyone can handle it. I could go into their Visits from Buddha (through their monks) who go to their houses, I witnessed as a guest on one occasion when I was visiting but I won't do that, out of respect because it is sacred to them.

Another Christian and myself were in hospital years ago and saw a young Buddhist lady who was somewhat paralysed and fearful. She could hardly stand up to walk or respond to her little child. We decided to go to a room and pray a prayer of Faith in agreement for her. Next day she was healed and leaving the hospital - she gave her address to me.

I had a different experience with a Buddhist Car Salesman later who said four lies to us about a car we were considering: He lied about the paintwork (he polished it with a white compound that wore off some months later). He lied about the year of the car in the advertisement and he gave a deliberate misleading impression that the car was serviced before sale (kept referring to a service book) and he covered an awful big rip in the carpet on the driver's side, saying "see the nice car mats I have for you there?"

Friends, that was a Festive time for their religion, he did these things. His wife who called in was dressed for the occasion. Last year, I met a Chinese woman who had been Buddhist. She shared a sad story with me saying, when her mother passed away a few years ago. her ashes were kept in an Ern at a Buddhist Temple and for several weeks, they would not let her take her mother's ashes home - she had to keep visiting there until she was allowed to take them home and they charged her hundreds of dollars to keep the Ern there - lots of money. Needless to say she is wary of all religions after that experience!

A few years ago, I met a broken-hearted Christian Pastor from India who said that he runs a Christian Orphanage in his country. Opening a small folder of photos, he told me a tragic story of how Hindus came onto the property and set his house and possessions on fire and threatened him physically to leave the property where his family were looking after about 30 small children. Absolutely spiteful and reckless! I thought to myself, is this the same religion as a young Hindu girl I met in Australia before that, who lived in a small bedroom with her husband in a house with other people and was really depressed. I told her about Jesus and asked if I could pray to Him for her and said I just pray to Him only, no other gods. She gave her consent and the next day when I saw her, she was no longer depressed. About 5-6 days later, she was invited to share a nice Unit with another girl from India. They both invited me there several times and liked to hear all about Jesus - they looked so happy to see me each time.

About 30Yrs ago, a girl in her late 30s in my street, I had brought some comfort to one day, told me to be very careful not to share Christian things with JWs when they come to the door because they take everything that's said to them to a class room where they learn to tare everything we say to pieces. She knew everything they do because she left that religion. For all their 'bible talk' I have met two of their folk (years apart) who had a big problem with bitterness. Is that any wonder, when they are so allergic to the cleansing Blood of Jesus even to the point that they won't accept a transfusion if their life depends on it? Many Christians have found there's Power in the Blood of Christ when applied by Faith in prayer. Maybe sounds a little strange to some but the Christian Bible says "there's life in the blood" and the Blood that Jesus shed for us at Calvary represents God's Saving Power, for Salvation, forgiveness and healing.

In the area where I lived years ago, some of these people used to have the awful habit of standing a child in your doorway, so you could not exit their presentation in a hurry. I used to be very concerned about this, that they were making use of these dear children to get their religious persuasions across - like it or not! Imagine if someone is kept under protest (and they often are) how the child must feel when sensing those vibes from the unwilling party - surely this must linger in their little/young minds afterwards?

Clearly friends, that is actually considered to be a form of child abuse, by any responsible person who cares about kids. It is also a form of religious mania, when you just have to push things on people, placing impositions on their manners, making things awkward for them to say they "really want you to go!" Nowhere do I see this with Christ or His disciples - it is not practiced anywhere! But it is in this generation, where there's darkness over the minds of men and women promoting their wares. It is not only anti-religious agendas we need to be concerned about these days, it's religious agendas too - all manner of them. Satan promotes BOTH - anything to put you off of God, be it religious or ant-religious! And also to twist the things of God - his tactics have not changed since Adam and Eve, the same bag of tricks, just different brands.

I had a JW man,4 years ago losing his temper verbally at me because I asked him not

to keep taking his group to my surrounding streets repeatedly because it is putting people off of God and He doesn't want that. I said, "let them think for themselves, we should not invade their privacy." I found out recently, it is not uncommon for these religious people to lose their temper.In fact a Christian friend told me recently that a JW lady she worked for years ago does that and denied her daughter certain privileges at work - on a continued basis - she allowed other workers to have (because she left the religion) making things very difficult for her. Doesn't sound very godly, does it?

Some years ago, I was visiting a library one day. While I was there, I felt to place a few leaflets about a natural health product that was effective for certain health conditions, in a few books. This prompting was pretty real to me and I asked The Lord which books to place them in (they had my phone Nb on them). Just then, I felt to place one in three books on Fibromyalgia. About a week later, I had a phone call from a lovely JW girl in her 20s, asking if I would meet her at the library so we can talk about the product.

She was sounding pretty happy with expectation. Two days later, we sat on two comfy chairs together there. She shared her story, how she had Fibromyalgia for a few years and had to stay home for some weeks and her husband passed by the library and borrowed those three books for her. Someone had told her about that product weeks previous but she wanted to know more about it. I was happy to assist and also shared about Jesus' Love for us and she quietly exclaimed "I felt a peace, a real peace when I sat here with you - it is still with me - I trust you, I trust you!" We decided to get to know each-other and she freely gave me her phone Nb. Following that, before she went to her car, I quietly said to her with an assuring voice "I feel that Jesus wants to do something better for you than provide a product - I feel Him saying He wants you well, He wants to heal you. That's simply between Him and you" (forgetting potential profits).

She went away quite happy and following that, each time I phoned her (3 times) she had hesitation in her speech and said she was busy - avoiding conversation of any kind, so I left phone calls for her peace of mind. Some weeks later, someone informed me the JW religion believes that "healing is of the devil"........ surprised at such a statement, I said "What, good things come from the devil and bad things (like sickness) come from God, I suppose. As if there's a Good Devil and a Bad God? The reverse is true, the devil is all bad but we have a GOOD GOD!" I felt so sorry for her, because, she apparently expressed her joy to someone from her religion and they talked her out of it - they didn't care about her freedom from pain, her peace and joy, only their indoctrination?

Nice people! Check out YouTube videos of Christians challenging JWs these days.

One of them has an attitude problem but the rest are OK.





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