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What Happened to Common Sense? A Call to be Wise PT 2

vAt the same time, it's not good to shun those who are in the world any more than it is to contend with each other. I will explain what I mean. Ever since creation – after Adam and Eve – there has been knowledge of good and evil in the world because the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” infected mankind. Adam and Eve paid attention to a subtle Lie that consisted of a truth and a lie put together. Hence, they were given 'mixed information' and this pattern has been found in the world ever since........good and evil....truth and lies.


Hopefully, you read Part One that covers the difference between Christian

and Religious - what is truly spiritual and what is not.

And how to have godly conduct with each-other as mature Sons of God.


Now “God does hate mixture” when it comes to misrepresenting Him OR Christians living a lie. But I'd like to put it to you that a lot of Christians, in an effort to keep or lead holy lives, avoid acquaintance with people who are not Christians. And also, they shun any type of teaching that comes from “the world” but they'll watch plenty of TV (ads and all) and they find no problem going to the shopping centers.......child education is no problem except for the Anti-God rubbish that is taught. But if someone “in the world” has something to teach them outside of that, there's a problem.....and quite often, they feel safe keeping to church programs and such, keeping all their living in the confines of what is deemed to be “godly”

These Christians – not everyone by any means – are not mixing among the people like Jesus did and by their hearts and lives, showing the evidence of a Real Savior, a Creator God....the LOVE, JOY and PEACE He brings, but by their failure to integrate with others are showing disapproval, so to speak, and a religious picture rather than a God Picture to them (what He is really like) they demonstrate little care about introducing Jesus – by the Love, Joy and Peace He asks us to spread. “The Kingdom of God consists of Love, Joy and Peace”......Jesus' way was to take this Love, Joy and Peace to the people, not to confine it in four walls (the church building or your home). But He is on record for saying to go into townships taking PEACE to them and if they did not receive it to go elsewhere.

This is the one true Gospel (Good News – Glad Tidings) people welcome and cannot deny (it is not plastic). Everyone's wanting some Love, Joy and Peace. They can take words to be religious – and I don't blame them, there's too many religions – but they won't mistake these Kingdom Traits, these blessings. They desire them, they just don't know how to find them. Apart from a changed life, Real Peace, Real Joy and Real Love are the three undeniable proofs that Jesus is Real, He Exists and He can Bless.....and we have no right to keep that in, or limit it to Gospel and Praise services.

People are so used to Christians coming across as churchy/religious...... they are saying “that's religious” and they want to stay their distance, avoiding complications OR other Christians living and acting just like the world. They find no need to change saying “What can you offer? You're not any different”. Should that not tell us something?

Friends, there are many good living people in the world. Many people are discerning that certain things around them are not right and would like to find answers. Many people are “gifted from God” too. You don't have to be “a Christian” for God to gift you with talents and abilities. Whatever gave us that impression? There have been many inventors, musicians and artists whose work was obviously gifted by God and commissioned by God to bring a blessing or a service to mankind. Many professional people for instance, and it's obvious that their gifting is remarkable – more than they can accomplish on their own.

In some instances, if the Christians are too occupied with church services and church programs, God will choose someone who is not a Christian to reveal – yes reveal – certain things pertaining to His Creation, physical laws of the universe He has made etc and service to man. Yes He is bigger than our finite minds with the “box” we put Him in, so much Greater! God made the sun to shine on everyone and the rain to come for everyone...... ”He is no respector of persons”. He can do what He wants.

Many Christians are inventors, musicians and artists etc many do give good service to the world around them......many.....but there could be more! On the other hand, what's to stop people from discovering natural laws and principles God made if they are not Christians?

Friends God used to speak to the Hebrews through the stars – the glories of His handiwork written in the heavens before scriptures were available? They were people who had understanding of the times and seasons with calendars and such. It was the Magi (Wise Men) who found the Bethlehem Star over where Jesus was born – their particular occupation made it obvious that they did not walk with God, unyet they were permitted to see the Savior who was born to mankind.

Notice, they were not turned away – like “you don't belong here”. Joseph and Mary welcomed these visitors. No, they did not have everything right – some of their occupation was misleading to people, not pleasing to God....but they were apparently aware of prophetic verses in scripture that spoke of a King to rule (JESUS) and they desired to see Him who was referred to as “Shiloh to Come” that means PEACE speaking of the Prince of Peace, our Savior. Read Gen 49.10 Nb 24:17 and Is 9:6. They must have seen something the Jews did not see in their own Scriptures. Nb 24:17 at least that spoke of the Star. Don't ask me how they knew this, they must have.

That is not an endorsement to Astrology!

What am I saying? That the Spirit of God does not always choose a Christian to make known certain truths to either. He is showing different laws of creation (Natural Laws) to various Scientists, Physicists, Biologists, Health Scientists and Neuroscientists who have an interest in those areas, that is nothing short of ASTOUNDING!

You would be Amazed if you could hear and see all the DISCOVERIES some of these men and women in recent years I have witnessed, in writings and videos, that God is allowing them to see. Can you tell me how else do they know these things? I say that some of it is to give us help in different ways that we have not needed so much since the creation of man. Some of it is to reveal the existence and magnificence of a Creator God who made us.......and it all glorifies Him! Mind you, there is often misleading knowledge they add to it because certain people can't leave things on their own, they like to impose things they believe in ignorance. I wish they would not do that. But once again, God makes it rain on everyone and makes the sun to shine.

Never has there been such a need for discernment (what is and is not of God) as there is right now. Remember “In all your understanding, to get wisdom” Prov 4:5-7 True insight comes from God whether it relates to the church, the world or creation. There are a lot of persuasions out there, more than ever before. Staying close to His Heart and

His Word will make you wise.

Remember, there is almost as much 'deception about deception' as there is deception sometimes. Even the Muslims and Mormons are led to believe the Bible is corrupt. There are testimonies how different ones have restored their sanity reading the Gospel but religious arguments over the same bible can make one mad – God never intended this. That's why the apostle Paul said “the letter kills but the Spirit gives Life” that's how Jesus could say “the Words that I speak to you are Spirit and they are Life”. Nothing can replace a personal acquaintance with the Author when reading His Word, it makes all the difference. It really does!

At the same time, I know of Christians who, when they hear certain things they don't understand about something pertaining to creation, “throw out the baby with the bath water” because the preacher does not preach it or the source where they read or heard of it has mixed truth with error. Not being aware of the difference, someone has embraced something that is of God with what is not, so the Christian shuns both instead of separating them and praising God for the good knowledge gained.

How is it that God has to reveal things to people in the world instead of Christians often? Because they have so many things in boxes; they have closed minds; they are satisfied with the Bible only for their knowledge of Creation – until Louie Giglio came along at least – or they are just plain not interested. I think that is such a pity__ because our God is so Great and His ways so vast. It says in the Bible “His ways are pass understanding”......and...... “It is the Glory of God to conceal things and the glory of kings to search them out”.

May I encourage some of you to be more kingly in your attitude, not conceited but keen and interested to search. We will never know ALL His ways in Creation, but we can certainly find and know some of them.

It says in your Bible that “man was made in the image of God”. That person you say does not know Jesus is still made in God's Image – having a body, soul and spirit just like you. He/she may not have discovered the reality and beauty of JESUS yet but he/she has a thirst for knowledge; a love for nature; an intense desire to know how things work.......many times. God is going to show them something,

He will satisfy that desire.

Friends, we have a passionate God who loves “desire”. Some people have a mixed bag of treasures – so to speak – what God has shown them and other things, and we can call them mixed up or evil if we're not careful, just because they don't have it all together. May I suggest, that a lot of Christians are 'mixed up' too, with religious concepts they add to their Walk with Jesus? (Part 1)

Our Father would like that we all had it together, but He does not label and judge us. May I suggest we show a little respect for others who may not share our sentiments?

If we are not careful, we can sometimes avoid someone who is seeking after God in their hearts and leave them to the mercy of religious cults because "the Christians"

were not respectful or interested in them.

Bible says that no-one knows a person's thoughts except the spirit of that person – but Jesus does, He knows all their giftings and qualities. It is not good to judge someone by the limited words we hear any more than it is to judge by appearance.

Some discoveries being made known are not to suit anyone's convenience.

There are conclusive facts that may change some ways you view scripture (if your view is religious). But they are not 'of the devil' just to suit what you want to believe, and no-one's twisting your arm to believe them but the true account is often recorded in the Bible (unnoticed) as our heritage in God our Savior.

Let us remember, in our personal lives that He was our Creator before He became

our Savior, so we can show respect and consideration for those who

have not found Him yet.

Let us also practice respect and consideration for each-other because there is

one Savior and Lord of us all. It is a religious attitude that divides, not a Christlike spirit – be it, a conversation with a Christian acquaintance or thoughts concerning those in a different place of Christian worship.

We are encouraged in scripture to know each-other in the Spirit of Christ, not divided.

Let us walk as mature Sons of God and the world will say two things:

“see how they love each-other”......and......”they do have common-sense,

let us find JESUS”.

PLEASE NOTE: If something has made you confused in this article, it may not be for you. For instance, you may be young in age or young in The Lord - maybe it is wise for you to refrain from the company of certain people who would cause you to compromise your walk with Jesus.....OR.....maybe there are certain things in the world your spiritual senses are not trained to discern and separate that could make for confusion. I am simply saying that some Christians wrap themselves in cotton wool who ought to be mature by now. It is also important at times to rule a line of demarcation in your spirit and separate yourself from certain things. And of-course, the saying

"when in doubt don't" can ring true.

Our Father is waiting for us to grow up and people are waiting to


Peace to all who are reading this and Grace be multiplied to you.

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