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What is Your Faith Mixed With?

Our faith is so important, it is our most precious asset in God. A faculty of our spirit that links us to the Voice of God and His Abilities to perform wonders in our lives on this earth.

Sometimes we have hindrances in this area resulting in disappointments. This article is to shed light on a few things that may help you considerably, making your walk with Jesus satisfying.

What is your Faith mixed with? Is it mixed with doubts? Do you have questions?

Is it mixed with negative thoughts? Are you uncertain......undecided?

Or is your Faith mixed with His Words......strengthened by His Spirit?

Is it mixed with Praise and Thanks? Are you confident to thank Him beforehand -

Resting on His Promises?

Do you have Plan B or do you have one resolute desire? Do you believe that

your faith will work for you......that He is happy to honor it?

Faith is a decision. Not so much prayer but Activated is moving

your trust into an activated role. Faith is a Verb. Also, the more you use it, the more confident you get.

If you can use it for yourself, you can use it for others. This is part of His Plan and Purpose. The more you use it the was never meant to use occasionally. So don't be sparing......He is happy for you to keep asking...... and remember to believe for others.


Why should my faith be determined by others - what does and does not work for them? We so often feel intimidated by the 'giants' (those who are really good at it) and put off by those 'it did'nt work for'......but they have different mindsets - maybe something negative in their believing that is in force, apart from what they believed for.

Let me explain what this means. It means that a mature Christian or perfectly godly person may believe things like "many are the afflictions of the righteous"...... that is old testament times before Jesus Came......they may be thinking God is dealing with them overtime so to speak. Some Christians are more tuned to refinement than actually having their prayers answered. They may have a wrong attitude they don't care to correct (maybe they're not as godly as you think). Maybe they're lacking in confidence and this is not obvious to you. And it could be that they just plain settle for things the way they are, even if they do love The Lord and pray for or about things.

So why do we stumble over others believing? God knows their mindsets better than we do.

Once, I felt really quenched after a comment made by someone I respect considerably.

I shared something The Lord instructed someone in Heaven (who was sent back) to share with us. The person I mentioned it to said they do that - their circumstances

have been negative for a number of years. these same people have been really faithful.

So the comment daunted me and what I shared was precious!

I think Jesus was sad about this because He was encouraging me and those words were nipped in the bud before ventured. I decided I would be more careful in future. Some weeks later The Lord showed me two areas of thinking and believing that needed correcting for that to 'work for them' anyway, so don't stumble over whatever seemingly does'nt work for others. And especially when they are family and friends because that's when it really affects our faith the most. Ever had a friend say "I don't know why The Lord............" That can be very damaging, even when you are mature.

I had three close friends with unchanged relentless circumstances a few years ago . Their words used to weigh on me. Then one day the Spirit of God showed me something quite simple each one could have done that would change their circumstances - each one was different - and He told me "so don't stumble over them anymore". Actually, He cautioned me a number of years ago about two of them - and they were perfectly nice people (it did not make sense at the time). Jesus knew it would effect me over time. I had to ask the other friend to refrain from repetition (all 3 had been guilty of) and I must say, I am happier for it.

We need the restorative care from the Hand of God when others have been wearing us down that way. Make some boundaries like I did and don't tolerate violators - your faith is precious......"guard your heart with diligence, for out of it flow the issues of life" scripture tells is your wellspring of life. We should all take our own questions and concerns directly to God - He is the One best equipped to handle them and His shoulders are bigger than ours. There is a wealth of wisdom in that. They won't really go to Him as long as they can go to you.



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