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Where Faith Is – Where it is Not

Sometimes we need to know what faith is not to discover what faith is because there is so much misunderstanding. And we wonder why 'our prayers are not answered' Only God in His Wisdom knows all the answers but here in this article, I address the most common mistakes we make and how to avoid them.

Faith is a faculty of your spirit that responds to spirit. Jesus said “My Words are spirit and they are Life”. Feelings often get mistaken for faith. But feelings are a faculty of your senses, having to do with emotions. Reasoning is a faculty of our mind, given to us for relating with the world and logic that is working things out. It has to do with intellect whereas faith is spontaneous in nature but not to be mistaken with feelings. For feelings are often fickle……they have their highs and lows and often let us down. But faith can be strengthened by His Word in His Presence – it is more constant in nature and you can learn to tune into it.

Yes, feelings are changeable, faith is steady. Even though faith is spontaneous, it can hold on to something for longer than feelings once you find where it is. Feelings rely on sense knowledge, faith rests in God and He is Spirit – we worship Him in spirit and truth. Try not to depend on the faith of others, for that weakens your spirit – it is not exercising your faith. Remember the principle that faith and feelings respond differently. Yes faith has different stimuli than feelings. Faith is activated trust….. faith knows, feelings question… accepts His Words as evidence, feelings reject them – they must see or hear first but faith does not.

So we see that feelings and reasoning have nothing to do with faith!

We have 5 senses that relate with sight and touch etc. Now faith is a 6th sense that relates with your spirit (separate to the others). For many years, our thoughts have been taught by sense knowledge pertaining to the world around us… is resident in our spirit and relates to the knowledge of God and things pertaining to His Kingdom: His Promises and Blessings. Feelings and intellect depend on circumstances but faith rests in the promises. Feelings are restless, faith is calm. Faith defies logic – it would rather question circumstances than question God.

Faith rises when prayerfully reading His Word……it ignites in the Presence of Jesus…..

it is released in praise and worship…..during these times we can readily access faith. It also comes by hearing His Word in preaching – you could call this faith in response. To move in faith, we believe with our heart and confess (speak accordingly) with our mouth……this is a really good way to release our faith. Notice, this is a decision instead of a feeling? We will be closer to recognising it…..because it works like a light switch….. and with it, we can dismiss the darkness of negative thoughts, doubts and fears.

It’s good to remember this tip: when doubts surface we can believe anyway – rather than let them disturb us, we can allow faith free reign. Yes, practice this again and again you will be acquainted with the way it works. If we practice believing for something each day (great or small) faith will surface more often.

Remember, we have all been given a measure of faith – we can use it more or less than others – it’s there. And to Jesus, there is no faith like our faith. We don’t earn the blessings of God and He does not have favorites – all His blessings are by Grace and they come in receiving mode. That’s why Jesus said “believe that you have already received them” – He is a Good God, He is not stingy…..these things are being handed to you. They are yours. This is the Grace of God – His unpremerited favor, like when you found Him and He became your Savior.


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