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The Firstborn Blessing is Ours in Christ

Joseph Prince explains how The Lord gives us the Dew of Heaven – the Favor of God. He also gives us the Bread and Wine to Heal and Bless us. Hear this!

Hi there, do you know that

once you are a

Child of God you are an


God's Promises and Blessings

are yours to Live in, to Speak

and Apply.

Jesus also desires that you would

share the Bread and Wine often

with Him. Not just in a service.

Make sure you hear

these unique messages

on Communing with Jesus

in this way!

The Power of Communion

About the Cup of Blessing and the Bread of His Presence. Jesus wants to fellowship with us in this way and for us to experience His Manifest Presence. It also separates us from our adversaries. He explains to us how we can Apply His Body and Blood.

Power of Spoken Blessing

Pastor Gregory Dickow speaks about the Power of speaking Blessing over each other and gives a delightful testimony of how a child's life and countenance was radically changed by putting this principle into practice. We all have the same opportunity.

Craig Hill, Imparting the Father's Blessing

Craig explains how a father's blessing gives a sense of value and identity in a child's life. Words of affirmation and praise are so important, even if that child is grown up (20s – 60s). Craig also gives prayer of impartation Blessings for those who have not received one from their parents. Don't miss this!

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