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Some Insights on how Jesus Church is

meant to be.

We need to take a fresh look at things

with our affiliations

and where we desire to be in our

walk with Jesus

over the coming months and years.

Many have made man their

spiritual covering

that is not a valid interpretation

of Scripture passed down through the years.




His Kingdom Children

The One Message that Christ Jesus our Lord used to preach was the Kingdom

of God_ and the one Prayer (guidelines actually) that He gave us was a Kingdom Prayer addressing us as children of a Heavenly Father.... having some emphasis on our walk with Him and each other_ like the two Love Commandments He gave us....yet in the main, not much emphasis has been given down through the years to the Kingdom we're a part of_ to live in; not many Practical Applications; not much real Revelationary Insight....but very basic statements "we're in His Kingdom".... "we've been Born Again" and fancy sermons occasionally that touch on the subject. Men continue to build their kingdoms in the Church with various programs and campaigns, you dare not step on their toes....and the more important things that Jesus emphasized to us (ALL) are poorly heeded and neglected as less important.

Yet Jesus preached the Good News of The Kingdom: GLAD TIDINGS every where He went among us, with signs following, as did His disciples....who had this FRESH KNOWLEDGE and WALK WITH HIM.

The Lord tells us through The Apostle Paul that the Kingdom does not consist of words but His Power....and also that it does not consist of rules and regulations but the Goodness, Peace and Joy of His Spirit. (1 Co 4:20, Rom 14:17)

Can I say to you that what we have and know today as church is "a form of godliness that denies the Power of God" entrance let alone spreading or sharing it is concerned. That includes Evangelical and "Spirit Filled" Churches. They know it all, but do they really? In fact, we have missed out on many life-giving and vital "principles of the Kingdom" we need to live out , and sustain us as spiritual Sons and Daughters of God. Some of these principles will be addressed , that if practiced will strengthen and revitalize your life.

Relating Christianity to People TODAY.

The world has so many church buildings with church programs and such_ people are invited and expected to come to them....and in the main, this has achieved very little. Our seeming religious acts and sometimes graces, have very little or no relevance to a lost and aching community, seeking for answers; craving for real love; searching for happiness but it does not last. Many look like they have it all "together" but their personal lives tell a different story.

This is where LOVE, JOY and PEACE comes in - presenting God's Nature through 'intelligible' ways in the community, the market place and the world. Jesus wants to go out to them today - that was always His Way. He never instructed them to go to a church (meeting place or building). The Apostles never actually did that (believe it or not) because the Christians of that day actually met together in houses - consisting of family, friends and fellow believers.

In Rom 16:5,14 1 Cor 16:19 Col 4:15 we see this and in Acts 2:46-47 things were starting to go this way. The Apostles taught them in the Temple for a time because there was not any New Testament yet........

but notice the spread and practice of Christian Living actually took place in the was Family

and Community? This is what takes place in many Non-Western countries who hear the Gospel.......and their Christian Walk is actually stronger than ours - because it's healthier - I've heard this so many times!

To our suprise, Family Worship in Homes was actually God's Pattern for Israel.....and

the Levites actually went to their houses. Things changed only when the Levites (not God) decided to make big meetings because it was more convenient!

The way Early Christians did things was drastically altered by Constantine when he

made a State Institution of the Church in 300AD.

Friends, this is radically different to how Jesus and the Apostle Paul planned,

and Constantine was not commissioned to do such a thing!

When this took place, much of the Life that was in Christians and the way

they functioned left their gatherings and has ever since.

What am I saying, not to go to a church? No, that is up to you.

I'm simply saying that people in the world cannot relate to it.....and....The Lord does not expect them to. That is not to say He never uses it. Look at the difference Joel Osteen and Joyce Myer have made in the lives of Christians and TV viewers worldwide! And if you look at their message_ they're real words coming from real people who radiate what it's really like to know Jesus and live for Him.

And many Christians today are actually finding that they need to leave the Church Scene (buildings and services) in order to find their true selves once more and to keep their Faith in God because of so much pressure....and they find a need for a True

Loving enviroment - one they can relate in a closer way - and function in their giftings.

Just like the Holy Spirit has restored Truths and Spiritual Gifts to the Body of Christ (Believers) through the years, He is NOW restoring Family Worship and Home Churches.........

Where is the Spirit of God Moving?

Most Christians are disappointed with the church-scene today, for some years now. There is a godly-dissatisfaction with the old and a holy-hunger for something NEW....and it is not found in new programs or new sermons....God knows we have had enough of them. Neither is it to be found "Overseas"....or a "Revival Rally"....for the Kingdom is IN YOU and simply needs unlocking.... the Kingdom is HERE & be discovered and shared. We don't have to pray it down or tell God what to is SO CLOSE we have MISSED IT.

Now the Holy Spirit knows we are 'thirsty' and He is Moving in many hearts and places....and it's for those who SEEK...for they will find. Please read these things with an open heart.

We've been led by "shepherds without understanding". Sometimes they have an inkling of the New but don't hunger and search after it. Sometimes they hear or read about it and try to pass it on or promote it by sense-knowledge instead of a personal revelation. Sometimes we will try to keep hold of a blessing from a visiting ministry who has "Tapped into the Kingdom and Moves in it"....what we found (come close to but not unveiled to us) during one of those conferences_ we try to sustain but fail to, because we have not fully grasped it ourselves....or have been given the space to after that ministry has gone.

The Holy Spirit is Moving in genuine Prophetic and Apostolic Ministries pointing the way to Jesus and the Father in the End-Time Move. At the same time, He is in the Messianic Movement....and....the Home Church Movement in the Restoration of ALL things to the Church which is US....

You will find some good resources here in Called to be Free, that will inspire, awaken and give you some insights.

Remember "in all your insight to ask for understanding".... so you can LIVE

in it....and also, to grasp with your spirit in PRAYER.

There were times His Spirit moved

by Grace in our buildings.

But this is a Time for no longer concealing

what He's really about give traditions a clout.

It's time to impart LIFE not religion and strife.

Our God will Infuse if your hearts are True

but it's found in places where

His Spirit is at home

and we'll no longer feel that

we have to roam.



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