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Hi there, each of us has some Scriptures

that inspire us and I'm about to place

different ones on this Page

Words for Life

and that's what they are....hey?

His Words are Spirit and Life

that often make a difference to our day

or life when inspired by them -

especially when we Act on them

and Live them out.

They become part of the Fabric of

our being!

For the purpose of this Page, I will not use exactness or a particular translation....but some different translations because of really good wording....and some of them will read in an application way and paraphrased a little by myself. It is good to prayer-read His Words and personally apply them

and seeing how they can apply....maybe this will give some of you an idea.

Did you know that in several places, The Lord's Word speaks of TAKING REFUGE in Him?

So "taking" is an active word....making Him our Refuge on a consistent basis.

There is even a verse that says "The WAYS of The Lord are a REFUGE for the Righteous"

"Blessed are those who take Refuge in Him!" PS 2:12

"You Keep me secure my God, for I take Refuge in You" PS 16:1

"You will show me Your Mercy Lord, for in You my soul takes Refuge. Yes, in the Shadow of

Your Wings I take Refuge in life's situations I encounter" PS 57:1

"Yes I Call to God Most High because You have a Purpose for me" PS 57:2

"The Lord is GOOD and Faithful is HIS LOVE....Let the Redeemed SAY SO!" PS 107:1,2

"His Steadfast Love Endures Forever - He who Redeems/Redeemed us from bondage

Thank Him for this, that He has been so Good!" PS 107:1,2

"Glory in His Holy Name. Yes let the hearts of those who Seek Him REJOICE!" PS 105:3


"There is JOY and PEACE in Believing....let your hearts abound in HOPE

because you have the Power of My Holy Spirit resident in you to bring

things to pass" Rom 15:13

"When you pray, believe that you have. Let this make you glad....Yes

true believing is in the receiving" Mk 11:24

Expect that I honor My Words. Let them be the sweetest heard!

"I have made a Covenant with you and will not change it....I am not subject to change!"

PS 89:34 and Mal 3:6

The Lord Keeps His Promises....they are YES and AMEN.

ALL His Promises to those who will simply believe. 2 Co 1:20

I The Lord do not change. The God of the scriptures is presented as Eternal in His Nature, Unchanging. This is the One we are trusting in.

For all of God's promises have been fulfilled in Christ with a resounding "Yes!" And through Christ, our "Amen" (which means "Yes") ascends to God for his glory. New Liv Trans

"Your Words are Forever settled in Heaven....You are the God we are trusting in....

Your Faithfulness endures to all generations and to me, yes even to me!" PS 119:89

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for...the surety of things we (actively) believe" Heb 11:1 

Someone said: When we have built a substance of faith, then hope comes. My definition of biblical hope is “a confident expectation of good.” 



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