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Sit with Me Above

Rest in Perfect Love

I see the Bigger Picture

Listen to Me and you will be Richer

Yes Richer in your Heart and Thoughts

You will be of My Spirit Taught

For this you must be very Still

Imagine you're here upon this Hill

If you Stay your Heart on Me

It will Sing a Melody

That's where you find Harmony and Peace.


Let your Faith be Childlike

Let your Expectations reach the Sky

When you Believe

Be ready to Receive

Open your Heart

Just like the Start

When you Trusted in Me

It's so Simple

Let your Faith be Nimble

Be like a Child

Be Happy you belong to Me.


Love One Another as I Love You

This is really not a hard thing to Do

When your Hearts are full of Me

They will be in Harmony

This is easier to Achieve

In smaller Groups

So you don't Loose

A picture of Jesus

In your brothers and sisters

Fulfilling My Vision

For I have Risen

Let Me Rise in Each One of You.


Holy Spirit, You're very Real to Me

You come and You teach Me

Everything I need to Know

Holy Spirit, my Blessed Comforter

Abide with Me, Abide with Me.

Yes, I shall Abide as you Reside

In My Presence you hold so Dear

Keep Simplicity

and you will be Free

Don't be Complicated

But Saturated


And you will be of Good Cheer!

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