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Janet, I can't tell you how grateful I am to find this website where I am learning so much about what a Christian life is about and what it is not. In an Evangelical or Pentecostal setting, we think we know or have it all until we are invited to turn full circle to Jesus, the Lover of our souls and those things He truly desires of us. As you say, never mind about the pastor or the next person, what about you and Jesus? I feel for me, that's where it's at - I want the true life He offers me. As I see Him reflected in these pages, I am beginning to see this is possible and the way there. Thank you!


This website does something for me and is different to others I have found. I find true quality teaching on your blog and I like the way you share in these web pages. Each time I come here, there is something to feed my spirit. There's so much social gospel out there these days, it's apparent to me that you really hear from Jesus. He did say "Follow Me". It's pretty scary when you realize that churches and preachers can actually "lead you astray" if you're not careful - bible did predict that. Fortunately they don't all follow that pattern, but they are increasing. I like your website Who Jesus Is - I read your page One Jesus there. It is encouraging to find that so many Muslims and Mormons are finding our Jesus in contrast to the Christendom that's developing. Thank you for this good news!!!!

James R

I would like to thank you Janet, for the difference your websites are making for our family - this one and your eCards site. My daughters love to send your wonderfully inspired cards to their Christian friends and I am following in their footsteps with that now. We found your website here through one of the posts in your blog - we had to read more! Your easy reference page is great,

I have never seen anything like it. It's obvious that you spend a lot of time in making a difference in the lives of others. May The Lord bless you for your kindness and dedication, you have done well.God bless!

Rosy-May Jones

So pleased I found your website some months ago Janet. Can't tell you how much my life has been changed since reading your blog and some of the pages you have here. The writings in your blog are so different to what I've seen elsewhere - more personal, more quality, some challenging and mostly enlightening. I have grown spiritually in these last 4-5 months and showing more fruit of the spirit since I see the importance of this more than ever before. Thank you.


Thank you Janet, for setting me straight about tithes. I've been wondering about this and a few other things that the AOG establishment expect us as pastors to enforce. I think for me, Home Churches is the way to go, where I can preach and practice those things that are closer to the heart of Jesus. I did read your Truth about Giving page where you cover things more fully on this topic including well selected PDFs and FACTS from Early Church history. If anyone wants to help me with financial gifts from the goodness of their hearts, fine. What you said about an honest day's work rings true with me, ought not many of us be doing that rather than stressing some families in the name of God?

Ps Anthony

We felt so dry in a church we attended for a long time and we did not feel we were getting anywhere with another church previous to that. Janet has shown us two things that are important to effect change. One is that revival doesn't happen outside of you - it's Christ in you and how close we relate with Him. This is sometimes difficult in a church setting that is dry and lifeless like many 'spirit filled' churches are these days. It can wear off on you. We made a move and got out of that and visited a home church like we saw on Janet's site here, realizing it was important not to look to them but Jesus for life that sustains.

Paul and Anna

I used to preach Branham, now I preach JESUS, thanks to a balanced post on your blog and what you have endured. These two posts brought a number of questions to mind and so did your other posts that demonstrate full commitment to Jesus and I found mine was divided. By God's Grace, I found a way out of the delusion you speak about. It broke, and now I see scripture plainly. The Lord said not to preach for a while until I was healed from indoctrination. Now I can really say Jesus is Lord, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, He set me free!

Pastor A Renolds

"You are an amazing God!" I burst into singing that line of a song as I reflect on the power of my Savior. I am truly blessed by the Lord to have spoken to you, My Sister in Christ. I am a humble seeker of the Truth and desire to be a woman of God. At a point when I asked God a crucial question, He provided my answer in Sister Janet. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to bless my heart and to give me the answer for my question. Looking forward to sharing with you in the future and to learn more about our Father through your blog. God Bless you and may He continue to inspire you and use you to bless others.


Positive godly thinking leads to positive action which leads to a more positive life and more opportunities to praise and glorify our wonderful creator, God our Father! Today I was again reminded on the 'Colour Your Life' webpage of the power one's words have to impact our lives and the lives of others. So often we speak without thinking. For me also I know that so often I miss opportunities to praise and glorify God especially when things are going well in my life. It is so easy to be negative and have that reflected in so much of what we say - so thanks for the encouragement that one small step in a heart to heart conversation with God and others can and will change lives for the better! I will certainly be choosing my words more wisely from now on and I just love all the inspirational quotes!!



There are two mentions here on this page of other websites I run. Sometimes people like to let me know. If you go to the Janets Websites page, you can find them. The Janets WebCards page has links to show you samples of WebCards that have been sent by myself and friends…… should see it!

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