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Yes, we have an IDENTITY in CHRIST once He comes to LIVE in our Hearts! Some of us are more aware of this than others. On this Page I would like to share about our rightful position in the Body of Christ also. We are HIS Members_ each one...and church life can sometimes cause confusion in this area. Let's take a fresh look at things.


Some of this may be basic knowledge to some of you. If it is, you need a personal revelation of these things so they become more than sense-knowledge. We need something more than mental assent to LIVE our lives in Christ_ so they are Vital and Fresh each day.

When you opened your heart to Jesus and let Him in

You were Born-Again to a Living HOPE........."Christ in me, the Hope of GLORY"… "You are made ONE spirit with HIM" as close as Newly-Weds! Your Father sees you as a New Creation in Christ, identified with Him......having a right standing with Him. You are "Blessed with ALL spiritual blessing in Heavenly Places" and the original Hebrew means to be well spoken of_ so God thinks and speaks well of you every day - even when you falter because you are His child, washed in His Precious Blood and made white as snow. He paid the Ultimate Price for you on the Cross of Calvary and "raised you up in Heavenly Places with Him"_ taking effect in your spirit since you were "Born-Again to this Living HOPE."

You as a Person to God ~ You are Special to Him

You became a child of the Living God, with a purpose in this life UNIQUE for you_ just like every child we have in the natural is unique, you are to HIM. He wants us to be of His Making - each one - not stereo types, a faceless crowd of people.

One Mold does not fit ALL...........Your natural make up; your personality; your expression and values really do count in God's equasion. For years, churches have been trying to make people the same, in the name of God and "leadership."

But your Maker and Savior does not see things that way at all__ He is the ONLY ONE who is Capable of making you into what He wants you to be and to make any changes that are appropriate for you to become the person that He and You are HAPPY WITH. That's His Place He shares with you!

God's Role in your life ~ Note: No-one else's

No ministry, no church or amount of churches can play this Role that is HIS ALONE in our lives. He placed you on this earth before anyone had a say anyway and He gets to have the last say. It is your choice to give Him the say in your heart and life at any point of time, including today. As I said on another Page of this Site__ "Take your life back from the church and LIVE IT AFRESH WITH JESUS."

Your thought life and feelings; your experiences in life and preferences matter when it comes to your Calling - whatever it may be - and is uniquely different to the next person. No-one else can play the part you play and reach the same people you can or mean as much to them when you share about Jesus; listen to some-one with compassion or interest; speak into some-one's life.....and no two smiles are the same!

Your Influence is Important ~ not just the Preachers


The nonsense in Church-life has hindered us from being effective in our personal lives, family and witness to others because we are "letters read by men." We are designed in Christ to be "LIVING LETTERS" reflecting His Nature..........not religious but LOVE, JOY, HOPE and PEACE. But how can we do this if we're not living in the blessings? They commence when we start to LIVE AFRESH IN HIM.

I say this for illustration purposes only: In the Catholic church there is a separate partition that goes between the minister and the people. The minister does all the Altar Work (representing the Presence of God) and the people sit separate to what's taking place. Each Church has a way of separating us - as it were - from the Presence of God in some respects, because even in Evangelical and Spirit Filled churches, a lot of FOCUS is given to ministries on the platform. They do the preaching, teaching and move in the Gifts of the Spirit etc while everyone sits in their seats observing - be it tentative or otherwise. And various people in "leadership" play a part while you play none.

My friends, the design God has for Believers is that everyone has a ROLE....never mind church roles, they'll only blind-fold you from what YOU are CALLED TO......... "they're leaders" you say. So what, it's very unbalanced when things are run like that. No-one gets to breathe in the Presence of God - except for some Praise and Worship time that is kept to a minimum. How can you function like that when it comes to believers moving in the Gifts of the Spirit? It's such a controlled environment that even God has to stay seated - so to speak - that is not meant to be disrespectful. But there have been many times when " The Lord Would....." but the ministers "Would Not"......and these are the people we're supposed to submit to? There is a purpose for Apostles and Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers just not the form they've been taking so much.

Did not Jesus say "not to lord it over each other?" and "this should not be so among you?".......Why? because it stifles your walk and expression in God. As one ministry-writer said once, "believers ought to learn how to hear the still quiet voice of God early in their Christian walk, but we don't even teach them"

Closing Encouragements:

May I encourage you to become acquainted with the Presence of God each day; your Identity with Christ and to let His Still Quiet Voice speak into your life? Read His Words prayerfully so He can make them real to you (this is revelation knowledge) He has plenty to show everyone. Ask Him to show you His LOVE, JOY and PEACE in your daily walk. YES, feel free to have joyful expectations because He is "Christ in you, the HOPE of GLORY!"

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