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Take your Lead with JESUS:

Begin to walk your walk with Him..... Live your life in Him..... Discover your God-Given potential..... and....there's no-one's Faith like yours in HIS EYES!


Do you know that Jesus fore-mostly wants to Walk with You and often we lose sight of that, not only in a busy world but with church affiliations....... where it's them and you much of the time - all those people out the front that lead the music and preach and teach - and their expectations of you? Keeping up with all this_ the communication between Jesus and You is not the same as it could be: not so special, not so intimate.....and often, you do everything the church's way.......decisions are made to fit into that mode. In a sense, the church does your thinking for you - shall we say?

The Scripture says that each one will know their God and no-one will have to tell them to "know The Lord" from the least to the greatest.


Flowers Bloom where they find Room

and this is True of People Too!

Simply Jesus

Whoever said that living for God is bad?

but lies from this world, they will make you sad.

Don't miss this life that Jesus intended

embrace it today and befriend it.

Those who truly find it say it's a GOOD way to live

don't let your life go through a sieve

before you find it or it's too late

to enter through those Pearly Gates.

But a measure of Heaven is here as well

it should not have to be a hard sell.

And you'll find it Best at His request

"Follow Me", He said, not a church or man.

For Jesus, He speaks TRUE Words of Life

they were not meant for theory or strife.

If you take them Simply as they are

apply them daily and not wander far....

You will realize His intentions for you

are not for hardship and feeling blue

But some Heaven on earth then Heaven Above

this is the Legacy of His LOVE....

for those who Seek Him and want Him to be

ALL that He Promised to you and me.

Whoever said living for Jesus is hard?

they've not really known Him


Janet Vargas © Jan 2013

Direction in Life

I'll find my own direction in life

one that's free from hardship and strife.

It is hard to please everyone

I'll live only, always for the Son.

He does not shout or crowd me out.

He does not push or pull.

So the voices of men, I'll give a clout

and live my life to the full.

Full of Mercy, full of Peace

in this I find a sure release.

Life abundant and not redundant

He offered me so others could see

His Life, Joy, Health, Peace

a Living Bright Reality!

Janet Vargas © June 2013

Jesus and Me

People are often busy-bodies

sometimes with good intentions.

They think their way of thinking is best

for their life and yours, they don't let you rest.

Go to Jesus for respite, He will make your spirit light.

Then make your stand for Him alone

He gives Freedom in your home.

Yes, in your heart, make a new start

it's Jesus and Me and I am Free.

Janet Vargas © June 2013

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