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Here on this Page are various Quotes and Sayings that relate to a walk with Jesus. Some of them different to others you have read that will challenge the mind-sets of some and will be welcome by readers who have no problems with Jesus and would like a glimpse of what He is about - not religion or church attendance, that often does not present Him well.

Each day is a new day. I will live it and be free in it.

"In Him we live and move and have our being" but often we are not conscious of it.

"Acknowledge Him in your ways and He will direct your paths" He has an answer for every situation when we are attune to Him. And He also gives us a sense of direction so we live our days with purpose.

Stay in the Light where you can bloom.

I will not let people's behavior determine my behavior but look to God who is always at His best and how He thinks of me.

"Guard your heart for from it flow the springs of life" and this keeps me above.

Your actions speak louder than words__ those were the kindest I ever heard.

You have as much right to your views as the next person, don't let theirs crowd you.

If I regard the morale and interests of others__ God will look after mine.

Where Faith, Hope and Love Abide His PEACE Resides!

He is interested in the activities of my day.

"He is able to give us more than we ask or think" He often has something greater or better in mind but we put the limits on.

Turn your FOCUS to God when you pray, rather than the problem and see HIM as Greater than your need. He delights to Move on behalf of those

who TRUST HIM this way.  

Take the situation in hand and place it on God's shoulders__ His are bigger than ours!

I will not make a person feel off__ but show consideration for others each day.

Jesus died for us__ He values every person I relate to or encounter.

Be courageous, it's contagious and others will follow you.

Be a light to those around you__ let your light be seen.

Courage in life and sacrifice that's what you need to excel.

Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly__ acquire these traits and you will do well.

Children will learn more by your actions than by your words.

Don't preach the Gospel, live it first__ can people see through you that

God is GOOD? 

Try always to expect the best in others and they will expect the best in you_ make it your purpose to see good.

Try to do something nice for someone each day no matter how small it may be__ a greeting or smile, a commendation or compliment.

A wise person acts on their words.

Don't let Smiles go out of your life - they will keep you from sadness, worry and strife.

Plan for Victory, not for defeat_ this will keep you from negativity and feeling bleak.

Don't let life make you defenseless but rather, let Courage make you relentless. Follow the direction of your dreams. Keep your mind Free from worry...let your Faith be seen.

Friendship is not for meeting each other's needs but people often think it is.

Don't expect your friend to meet your need but expect God to meet both your needs.

It is good to have some joy in friendship....not problems all the time.

It's alright to have a listening ear if you listen to your needs as well.

It is good to make friends that bring out the best in us rather than the not so good traits.

It is nice to have friends with different makeups and qualities_ that helps us to become

a more rounded person.

We could aspire to have the good traits in us that we like to find in others.....that would be truly wise.....and maybe we will attract those kind of friends.

Take things to the Wings of Prayer, take things to a Mighty God.

Doubt your doubts and give them a clout....simple trust is what I must and see

what God does for me. 

"All things are possible with Jesus, so take Him at His Word".......the only thing He has

a problem with is doubts but He will respond to Faith, just release it and let it Free!  

Keep your spirit sweet like the birds that tweet - they do not worry, they don't fret - and they're free, unencumbered by care.

Give Faith Reign and not your doubts - the Choice is up to us.

Give Faith Reign, you've all to gain but doubts will make you pout. Yes give Faith Reign, you've all to gain..... let it make you laugh and shout .

Birds are unencumbered by care as they fly in the air. They neither toil or spin....they store not in barns but rest in His Arms....Let us Rest our cares On Him.

Faith is Simple, do not try__ Release it and Let it Fly!

Peace sweet Peace He gives to me and so my spirit is without any sense of need.....and that is Free Indeed!

My spirit is free like a melody, He makes me feel so free.......Free in His Presence without relent. Yes free in His Presence is time well spent. He's so Precious to me!

Increase our expectations__ we'll live in celebration.

A listening ear is a gift from the heart.

Love is gentle and patient but we can't play God's part__ He alone can carry

someone we care about. 

The way we live speaks louder than words. People respect those who act

like their words. 

Become personally acquainted with The Lord__ no-one can do this for you. 

People will respect the way you live not talk__ your actions speak louder

than your words. 

We often see areas that need change in others but not so often in ourselves. It is good to choose 1 or 2 trusted people who can give us critique in areas we cannot see. This makes for balance and helps us grow as a person. 

The Kingdom of God does not consist of talk but Love, Joy and Peace__ what Gospel are you preaching?

Do not rely on your thoughts and feelings, for they are changeable from day to day.....but on the unchanging kindness and nature of God.

Think of the kindness and nature of a benevolent God - it will make a difference

to your day. 

Sometimes when we wake-up without a happy feeling, we assume it won't be a happy day_ it will be some other day. But when we put on our happy mode by choice, it can be any day.

We so often trip over our feelings when peace and happiness they're concealing, so they are not dependable but decisions are when we've trained them_ they can make for a happier and more peaceful day. Yes 

Don't bathe in the light of another but bathe in His Light.

The Gospel means Good News.....Love, Joy and Peace - not the dictates or confines of man. Once it is evident it translates to those around you. 

There's religion and relationship and I know what I prefer. A walk with God is not

101 things it's made out to be.....but a personal relationship and relating with others. 

People don't have a problem with JESUS but they DO with religion. He is

absolutely irresistible! 

Only when the Gospel has transformed you will it transform others.

People listen to the way you live not what you preach so much. 

JESUS is different to how He is often presented__ the problem sometimes is that people get between you and God.

There's experts who like to tell us how to know God......if given space, each one can hear His quiet voice.

People want to convert you to their way of thinking and that is not what JESUS is about.

Sometimes we can actually be in His way. His spirit is quite capable.

Experience is Knowledge that stays with us.

Experience is True Knowledge and nothing can replace it.  

Choose to be an Optimist - there should be more of them.  

Don't try to be like someone else....instead, find the best You there can be.

With God, I have found that there is part of you that is waiting to be discovered.

There is also a Gifting or Talent sometimes, He is waiting to give you.

It is good to excel at something in life - it keeps us on our toes!

Grow in knowledge every day - it is truly wise to apply it.

Obstacles are more easier overcome when we don't magnify them.

Don't think so much about concerns and feelings_ you will be much happier.

We often see admirable qualities in others but sometimes ours can be seen too.

Appreciate your giftings for they are precious too. Sometimes the gift you have

will not be the last you experience.  

Happiness is not from feelings - when we decide to be happy, it's no more concealing.

There's something to be said for the quite achiever_

they trust in their God and are true believers

"Christ in me the Hope of Glory" do you spread JOY? ©


All Sayings above are Copyright to Janet Vargas © 2012 - 2016

I've spent several hours writing and processing these Quotes and Sayings..... collating them

together in a way that is uniform and beneficial.....and fine-tuned this Page to benefit my Readers.

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