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Taking The Limits Off God - Andrew Wommack

We are so busy, busy these days. He shows you how to find direction and the benefits of winding down with The Lord.... and how it pays dividends if you are willing.

Andrew Wommack has been

through some of the struggles with Faith

and God like most of us


the Holy Spirit has shown him

Fresh Revelation of Scripture

that he has put into practice.

He has also shown him how to take the


Now he does the Works of Jesus

and we can too

when we are prepared to take

God's Word as Is.

The Sovereignty of God Part 1

Andrew debunks religious myths about the Sovereignty of God and gives us the True definition. Don't believe religious lies of the enemy. You need to hear this!

God's Kind Of Love To You: Understanding Sovereignty Part 2

The misunderstanding of God's sovereignty creates road blocks to receiving God's love. Attributing life's stress and pains to God ruins relationship with him. It's time to get it right. Be Restored.

Effortless Change: Transformed By The Word

The word "transformed" in Rom 12:2 was translated from metamorphoo in Greek from which our word "metamorphosis" comes. Hear Andrews Testimony and see how this is possible in your life. He has so much experience with this!

How To Follow God's Will – Way it's Accomplished

First we need to find God's Will and then let Him show us the Way to accomplish it. He will have a plan for you to fulfil what He has shown you. Andrew gives scriptural examples and principles.

Andrew Wommack: Don't Limit God: It's Up To You Week 1 Session 2

You are the one who determines who God is and what He can do in your life. He is waiting on you. If you doubt that now, you won't after listening to this message. Our expectations make all the difference!

Don't Limit God: What You Don't Know, Limits God Week 2 Part 1

God has a specific plan just for you and you must know what it is. Andrew shows us how we play a part in God's Will for us.....that it's not automatic. He explains the True Scriptual process of Trusting and Moving in God that will really open your eyes if you are receptive.

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