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Discovering your Gifts and Talents

Soon on this Web-Page, there will be some feature Links with Christians who are functioning with their talents. The Lord can and has gifted us in so many ways!!!


Use them for JESUS!

Fill the Earth with Jesus' Giftings - Expressions of His LOVE and GRACE

JOY and PEACE....Let me show you some ways.

Use your Natural Gifts in Big Ways or Small Ways to reach your Community, the Market Place or the World. On this Web-Site you will find some Inspiration and Ideas

to make a Difference!

The World is not looking for more Preachers and Teachers. Churches are something that various Christians and religious people relate to_ but not the World. Jesus wants us to relate Him to those around us and afield in Relevant Ways through Avenues of their Interests - things they can Understand. This is achieved by SHARING ARTS & CRAFTS through Talents you have and can seek Him for. YES!

Remember The Lord's wisdom in Speaking to People in Parables?

People don't want to "be churched" they have told us that but we have not heeded their voice. Maybe sometimes they're wiser because the Church System as we know it today, was actually introduced by Constantine for political advantage - he changed the actual Early Christian way of doing things into a State Institution.........and we have had this problem ever since.

Relating Christianity to People TODAY.

The world has so many church buildings with church programs and such_ people are invited and expected to come to them....and in the main, this has achieved very little. Our seeming religious acts and sometimes graces, have very little or no relevance to a lost and aching community, seeking for answers; craving for real love; searching for happiness but it does not last. Many look like they have it all "together" but their personal lives tell a different story.

This is where LOVE, JOY and PEACE comes in - presenting God's Nature through 'intelligible' ways in the community, the market place and the world. Jesus wants to go out to them today - that was always His Way. He never instructed them to go to a church (meeting place or building). The Apostles never actually did that (believe it or not) because the Christians of that day actually met together in houses - consisting of family, friends and fellow believers.

In Rom 16:5,14 1 Cor 16:19 Col 4:15 we see this and in Acts 2:46-47 things were starting to go this way. The Apostles taught them in the Temple for a time because there was not any New Testament yet........

but notice the spread and practice of Christian Living actually took place in the was Family

and Community? This is what takes place in many Non-Western countries who hear the Gospel.......and their Christian Walk is actually stronger than ours - because it's healthier - I've heard this so many times!

To our suprise, Family Worship in Homes was actually God's Pattern for Israel.....and

the Levites actually went to their houses. Things changed only when the Levites (not God) decided to make big meetings because it was more convenient!

What am I saying, not to go to a church? No, that is up to you.

I'm simply saying that people in the world cannot relate to it.....and....The Lord does not expect them to. That is not to say He never uses it. Look at the difference Joel Osteen and Joyce Myer have made in the lives of Christians and TV viewers worldwide! And if you look at their message_ they're real words coming from real people who radiate what it's really like to know Jesus and live for Him.

Just like the Holy Spirit has restored Truths and Spiritual Gifts to the Body of Christ (Believers) through the years, He is NOW restoring Family Worship and Home Churches.........

We're coming to Arts and Crafts - those things were important to say!

Making a difference to your community on the Home Scene......

The Holy Spirit is raising up Evangelism in the Community, Market Place and Media

ie Internet. One good thing in some churches - where Christians are community minded has been Craft Groups or Cafes. But He is further reaching than that_ what's to stop you from starting a small Craft Group with the different types of Crafts that are available now? Or you could start a Cooking and Baking Group where you try different Recipes OR maybe even teach certain skills in International Cuisine? People love to be adventurous with meals these days and there is a great interest in Recipes from different countries. Whatever interests you the most that you ENJOY will be the most contagious.....usually, it will have some appeal.

You can also be Gifted for the Market Place.... bringing Godly Arts & Crafts

into it.....not forgetting the influence they can have in your Home Craft Group etc

Going out to the Highways and the Byways....let them know through Your Talents.

Today the Holy Spirit is raising up Prophets and Evangelists who go out among the people to speak into their hearts and and bring Healings and Miracles, so they're no longer confined within church walls or limited to great Christian gatherings...... AND.....He is also raising up Life-Style Evangelism where many Christians display GIFTED works of Art and Crafts.......introducing and selling wares of CREATIVE and sometimes very anointed Items. Bring GOD into the Market Place! There are certain laws that prevent us from preaching there but we can bring Him to people in other ways

they will much more readily accept.

There are certain ways we can reflect His LOVE, JOY and PEACE through Photos, Paintings, Poems and Writings.... and.... certain Craft-wares can reflect such BEAUTY or INTEREST that those who SEE THEM have to know more! Sometimes, an anointed Painting has been used to transform a person's life in some way OR draw them to SALVATION. Yes it's true_ I have heard of a few stories like that through the years!

So The Lord wants Spiritual Gifts out there - He ALSO wants Natural Gifts out there!

Let's warm people's hearts in ways that are relevant to them and be a Brighter part of their world! Let them SEE that having a Creator Father is a NICE way to Live!

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