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I thought I would place a few Audio Sermons and Songs on this Page

that will enrich the experience of those who Enjoy them!

The first Series is by Louie Giglio

00:00 / 41:29

Worshiping The Lord in Spirit and Truth

About preparing our heart. Focusing on The Lord and directing our worship to Him.

00:00 / 34:45

We are Created to Worship

00:00 / 41:27

Having a Heart Undivided 

00:00 / 49:54

Giving Glory of God in Trials

00:00 / 44:30

Inside and Outside Posture

00:00 / 33:03

Touching our Father's Heart

00:00 / 36:07

Living a Life of Continual Worship

Worship is more than a song or prayer with music - we can live our worship.

Series is by John MacArthur

00:00 / 1:00:22

The Purpose of Worship

Hear this meaning of Redemption. What draws unbelievers? The desire of a passionate God. Eternal worship.

00:00 / 49:17

True Worship - A Holy God

John 4 and Isaiah 6 A comparison between Tabernacle Worship and the Indwelt Believer. Making a stand against casual worship.

More Coming!

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