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To Find JESUS is to Find LIFE!

To find Jesus is to find LIFE....not Eternal Life only, but life here and now.... to find meaning and True Values because He adds new substance and a new dimension to living here and now on this have a new sense of purpose to fill your days and a destiny where you'll be on the consummation of them - an experience that is anticipated with delight and gladness of heart. For now, there is peace of mind from the Prince of Peace and a Joy that does not rely on ideal and happy circumstances....your emotions become more settled and anchored...more confidence in your steps and decisions - when you welcome His Presence daily. And life with Jesus is like a garden you tend to and look forward to being in every my new garden on my front verandah with pretty plants in pots and herbs in small raised beds....and the view of nice landscaped Native Australian shrubs in the background. I like to visit my plants 1st thing of the day and later in the evening....That's what it's like with's a relationship we cultivate and treasure each day, like any meaningful relationship we it stays fresh. And Jesus is not a religion to be endured but a personal relationship to be ENJOYED!

Added on 18th Dec 2012

Life Poem - One's Day.

Did you know that starting the day on a positive note

makes a difference to your day?

Especially within 10 minutes of waking

try it__ that's what I say.

Did you know that the words you speak

are like a rudder of a ship

they can weigh you down immensely

or give your spirit a lift?

Did you know there's something about a laugh

of it's benefits we can play a part

It can reduce your stress levels

and even strengthen your heart?

A simple song and melody

can fill your heart with glee

Melodic Notes and words you wrote

were such a blessing to me.

A word in prayer to Him whose there

a word of thanks and praise__

is comforting and uplifting

adding substance to your day.

Have faith in yourself, have faith in God

together, they are a Measuring Rod

on this Earthly sod.

Act in faith and live with faith__

simple trust is what I must

and see what they do for me.

I will not contend for my will and my way

but take an interest in others

treating them like they're my sisters and brothers

and God will take care of me.

For these are the ways that make for Peace

and in my spirit sweet release

I am Blessed and my heart is at Rest

the essence of LIFE to me.

If I would choose Life

to Love and be loved

His pleasure I will see__

for His River flows

through the Law of Love

and is such a Blessing for me.

Yes, try these things

and you will find

they bring you Peace of Mind

hours spent without relent

and Happiness to your day!

Janet Vargas © 4th June 2012

A Favorite Bible Verse that Inspires Me!

Phil 4:8 is my favorite verse: "Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise think about these things." Because that is the best pattern for speaks about having a Christ awareness .....appreciation of nature... the qualities and giftings in speaks of renewing your mind consistently.....loving His Words of Life..... having right attitudes and healthy thoughts and company.....being creative .......having a desire for progress.

Added on 18th Dec 2012

This is our God

This is our God, come and worship Him

He will make you to win, set you free from sin.

Precious in His sight is the soul that takes flight

from things that hinder, they no longer linger.

No longer I roam, for I’ve found my home

in the Father’s Heart, no longer to part.

He shows me His ways, I love to stay

in His presence, I’ve found the essence

of all that I searched for, He opened the door

to Joy, Peace and Love on wings of a Dove.

Yes He is mine, His Grace is Divine

undeserved and this I have learned

You cannot repay, just worship and say

I love You my Lord Forevermore!

Janet Vargas © 30th Oct 2015

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