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Praise puts the Life into your Days

Treasure this Always

As you Delight in Him, He will take Delight

in those things you say and do

Praise and Confession, this you must

as you give Him all your Trust

Moments like ours in times of leisure

is our Praise, His greatest Treasure.

"Give Thanks to The Lord for He is Good
and His Goodness Endures Forever!" PS 118:1

You know, that you actually Lift God Up when you give Him Thanks and Praise?

He actually thrives on them like we do - He feels Good.

Isn't it NICE to know we can make God feel GOOD?


And we feel Good too! We are eulogized and edified every time we say Good things

about our God and give our Thanks and Praise.

It is good and pleasing to Him when we express our Gratitude

just like when a parent hears from a young child

and sees their heart-warming expressions.

You know, that speaking His Words of Life together with Thanks or Praise

sets us above our circumstances and elevates our God above

our enemies....placing us in a position of Victory.

VICTORY is OURS through His Finished WORK of REDEMPTION

and we take it in Thanks and Praise.

We also do this through Confessing the GOODNESS of GOD.

"It is a Good thing to Give Thanks to
The Lord and to Sing Praises to His Name
Most High...with Melodies in your Heart" PS 92:1

It is also good to Thank Him in ADVANCE for things that we are believing for

and for the Good things about His Nature....the Blessings He has given us in

times gone by....and the Wonderful things He does for those who Trust Him.

Praise and Thanks actually creates an environment for God to Move

especially when coupled with Confession of His Words.

Yes, it makes an Atmosphere that links Heaven and Earth

so don't leave them dormant, make them a Verb.

Thanks and Praise are not stationary - neither are His Words meant to be.

He cannot Move when we are stationary (He seldom does that way)

Yes, God Moves in our Moving

so retrace your steps to when you last did OR make New Ones.

This is a Healthy Way to Live...AND....Transforms our Days!

I will recount the Deeds of The Lord
How He Rose in Glorious Splendor
and Won for me His Glorious Victory
He's seated in Majesty and I am His.

Next time you're down OR even really down, come aside for about 15-30 mins

and meditate on good things He has done for you and start thanking Him for them.

We forget so quickly. When we remember them again we actually feel better.

This has the best effect when vocalized - even if it is with a quiet voice.



The Apostle Paul said to us "Those who Sow Generously will also

Reap Generously and those who Sow Sparingly

will also Reap Sparingly...The Lord Delights in Cheerful Givers"

We sometimes hear this in relation to Offerings.

How about the "PRAISE OFFERING"

if the preachers are going to preach Old Testament.

Does not The Lord say, "He who is without money, let him come and buy

Milk and Wine....Yes, him/her who is Thirsty, let them freely Come" Is 55:1

I think God would more often desire our Praise than our money.

There is a place for that sometimes, Jesus spoke of (not the preachers)

but lets not be stingy with Praise....Hey?

Did you hear the Scripture that

"God Dwells in Our Praise" PS 22:3

Well He Does

He Inhabits them and takes up His Residence

The Angels are present in that Atmosphere

and delight to move on His behalf often for us this way!


"Shout unto God with a Voice of Triumph
Call upon Him with a Voice of Praise!" PS 47:1

Thank you Lord for giving me the Gift of Encouragement

and expressing it in lovely ways. This is all Your work Holy Spirit,

to make my brothers and sisters feel lift them up....

and also express Your feelings

because You long for our Thanks and Praise with a Passionate Love!

"Tell My people that there IS a Lifting Up"

I know of no better way to be Lifted than on the Wings of Praise!!!

This is for YOU dear one, it IS for you.

"In Your Light do I see Light....and....the entrance of Your Words bring Light

when they unfold towards me"

"I entreat Your Favor with all my heart, be Gracious to me"


"This is the Day of Salvation, the Time of His Favor"

I have been sharing how we can be in tune with Him to Walk in this Favor

and to see the outworking of our Salvation.

The BLESSINGS of our God and King.

Holy Spirit, Precious Dove

You are full of Infinite Love

You Bless us with Peace

and sweet Release

You're with us this Hour

show us Your Power

Your excellent Ways

throughout our days.

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